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  1. @Natoninstead of retyping the host for friends to reenter the house, can script click on the name at the top?
  2. Looks like the bot died at Ice Giants when it failed to find a safe spot to log off for breaking. I'm using LG (Runelite) ForegroundColor[128,128,128][11:31:21] [Price Management] Grabbed and cached new Grand Exchange price for: Cactus seed with a value of: 73 [11:31:27] [Antiban] Unique Antiban: Inspecting Loot pile [11:31:39] [Prayer Management] Set new level to drink next Prayer Potion at 21% [11:31:41] [Antiban] ABC2: Leaving client screen [11:32:11] [Antiban] Unique Antiban: Inspecting Loot pile [11:32:40] [Antiban] Unique Antiban: Refocusing Target ForegroundColor[0,0,25
  3. I watched the script suicide 3 tasks (2x Alligators, 1x pyrefiend) without restocking. Am I missing an option to restock if the script doesn't have food?
  4. Does this script support Serpentine helm?
  5. I can provide you with an account if you're interested. How does the script does work right now? Does it carry all the required tabs and bank as it is assigned tasks?
  6. What sort of antiban is implemented?
  7. Can you add the option to disable zooming anti-ban for OSBuddy LG users? LG with RuneLite has very high latency and that reduces RC experience from 44k to 30k.
  8. Is anyone experiencing reduced xp rate? I'm 87 RC and I usually get 45k xp/hr RC experience now I am only getting 32k/hr. From my observation, it seems like the default mouse speed is slower.
  9. Caught the bot spamming clicking the third empty booth on Lunar Island. Luckily I caught this before I get banned again without failsafe.
  10. IMO ban is unlikely with this script. I used this script only using LG on multiple accounts. The only time I received a ban from this script is when there weren't any fail-safe for death's coffin. Interaction with Nechryarch and Gargoyle superior is horrendous and should be avoided because you will most likely die due to lag. I've requested an option to avoid certain superior monsters but I'm not sure if that is on his to do list.
  11. I recently experience this issue where LG can't find OpenOSRS and the client is black screen. I tried the basic troubleshooting steps: 1. Deleting Cached Files. 2. Reinstalling Tribot client 3. Deleting hooks and cache. Is there anything else I can try, or is the client broken?
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