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  1. Thanks for the update. I believe LG is broken after the latest update, can you take a look?
  2. Where are you pulling data support this narrative? I'm curious in the experience difference without pouches and pouches using Abyss to repair pouches. You're essentially saying if you have colossal pouch don't bother using it if you don't have NPC contact or else it will be an experience waste. Even though, pouches are designed to increase experience rates.
  3. The bot is not finding a safe spot to logout for a break and got aggro by hellhounds and died. Task: Fire Giants Client: Looking Glass (Since the script is not 100% compatible with LG) Log: [12:28:43] [Antiban] Set new target Zoom to 28. [12:28:43] [Zoom Manager] Current Zoom = 5. Desired Zoom = 28. Scrolling to adjust Zoom. [12:28:44] [Antiban] ABC2: Randomly moving mouse ForegroundColor[0,0,255][12:28:51] [Break Manager] Tribot wants us to take a break (user-organised break), returning home safely before the break. [12:28:54] Break Handler: Taking
  4. I am using LG, my other account was banned for not using it. Safe eating is enabled. I would also recommend adding a failsafe of not spamming death's coffer to withdraw item if there is not enough money in the bank. The bot was spamming withdraw items for 10 minutes before I caught it and now my account is permanently banned.
  5. Died against Nechryarch for the third time last week and the beginning of this week even though I removed the option to fight superior monsters after dying the first two times. [16:51:02] [Antiban] ABC2: Leaving client screen ForegroundColor[255,0,0][16:51:48] [Death Management] Death animation detected - we have died. We died at tile: (3411, 9965, 3) [16:51:55] Disabled all randoms. [16:51:55] [Navigation] Calculating route, this may take some time. Please let the script run, even if it appears to pause. [16:52:02] Enabled all randoms. [16:52:15]
  6. When I ran it yesterday it drank stamina at around 40% energy but I just want to confirm the threshold. Do you have an ETA on the RC reward issue? I will most likely use this script just to get 77 RC like I did with my previous accounts using this same method.
  7. For 3, the context is that I use ring of endurance to prolong trips. One stamina sip will recharge 40% energy and I didn't want the bot to waste stamina potions.
  8. 1) For library reward, the bot would choose magic xp even though RC was selected. 2) The way the bot recovers from misclick is very bot like, it does it back and forth pattern. What is the run energy threshold before the bot would drink the stamina potion?
  9. I get that sometimes and the following fix helps me. Try File>Delete Cached Files>Restart a new Tribot Client.
  10. Great! Is the bot using the runelite library plugin to find books, which I believe is built by Woox https://github.com/WooxSolo/KourendLibrary?
  11. For Searching texts and manuscripts, will you be implementing stamina and banking support? Does the script stop if it reaches 100% favor?
  12. Died suqah for the second time in the past two days because the bot failed to initiate the Tribot break manager. Is this due to mirror mode? Edit: I was frustrated and did not capture the log.
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