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  1. Hi, where can I find a 32 bit windows installer/launcher? I saw another post on this topic and already tried the solution proposed, which was downloading a 32 bit JVM (windows x86 offline) and then downloading the tribot loader.jar but I get the message "conection error: error code: 1020." Is it another way to run tribot on a 32 bit windows 7? thanks!
  2. Hi Ark, I've been using your script for a couple of weeks now and I love it so far, you've done an amazing work The only issue I've had is that whenever I get Suqahs task I get the message "skipping this task by user choice, due to requeriments or due to lack of support" and then it skips the task. Checked if I accidentally put Suqahs on the skip list but nope, I do have the requeriments and it's on the supported task list, what could it be?
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