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  1. Perhabs he is right about what he is saying. Your report dosent make any sense at all? Clap clap..
  2. If i get one ill PM you on Discord sir. Got a lamp. Added you on Discord now.
  3. Yeah the account is added to account manager and skill is set to agility. https://ibb.co/P5L6bGV
  4. https://ibb.co/G2gvDgZ I have chosen Talk to genie (XPlamp) It works very fine. but the Lamp just stays in the inventory and isnt been used. Can you look at it Aropupu. And for Newcomers i can recommend all of Aropupu's scripts . So Intelligent Anti-ban Configurabillity with houndreds of diffrent settings to change to make your own profile and bypass the anti-bot-detection system 99% of the time. +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
  5. Yea just went to Ardy course - here i can also have camera in standard angle and zoomed out no problom. Im fan of the recording so far, so would be nice if you can fix the afk mode someday Thanks for quick respons sir! Your scripts are #1 !!!
  6. I figured it out. Do you recommend disabling all camera movement ? - I see no reason using camera doing agaility when i am zoomed out and usiung resizable i can see all obstacles . in rellekka - but is it better using camera for less ban rate ? I am currently using v3 with the recording function - that is awesome man! But i have a problom with the AFK. In the debug it says : [11:12:14] Next AFK in 4.2202168 minutes But it never afks.. thats important , i always use those afk breaks. And sometimes is not even writing it in the debug. And its not checking the Xp (i choose to
  7. Was the username of the account also ending with "Rscrazy.com" I bought mine from PlayerAuctions 1 year ago. So i belive now it wasnt my botting that triggered the ban.
  8. I dont want the script to use minimap to walk between opstacles . have tryed so many things now, cant disable it ?
  9. Where can i find my saved profiles and delete some of them?
  10. https://community.tribot.org/topic/83698-tribot-12011/?tab=comments#comment-1013359
  11. **Fixed** Download the java version there and download the launcher. and you can run the launcher Yea i read we should use the beta launcher. But how do i run the .jar file ? Its called "tribot-splash.jar" i cant open it and i got java
  12. How do i run the Beta launcher ? I fixed it. Let me know if anyone got probloms - i can guide you.
  13. Exception in thread "DisconnectableInputStream source reader" org.gradle.api.UncheckedIOException: java.io.IOException: Handlen er ikke gyldig at org.gradle.internal.UncheckedException.throwAsUncheckedException(UncheckedException.java:61) at org.gradle.internal.UncheckedException.throwAsUncheckedException(UncheckedException.java:41) at org.gradle.util.DisconnectableInputStream$1.run(DisconnectableInputStream.java:127) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:832) Caused by: java.io.IOException: Handlen er ikke gyldig at java.base/java.io.FileInputStream.rea
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