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  1. No problems, just here to let everyone know that this script runs great! Just used it for 23 hours (+breaks): 384 kills (16.9 per hour) 0 deaths 39.91M / 1.76M per hour. Can not wait to get my farm up and running. Accounts in creation and will need more instances really soon
  2. Not sure if happening to me, but when using Camelot teleport as transportation way and using Stamina potions it keeps drinking stamina potions without understanding that the action is already done.
  3. All new to this Community but not new to botting. Looking forward for your opinions about what I am doing wrong. The post gonna be long as I am trying to give as good as possible overview of my thinking. So at the moment I have bought 1-day trials for several times in order to check how this works and played around with settings. Best I have gotten so far is around 900k per hour (not consistent and totally luck based - I average at 200-300k/h). I know that some of my items are too basic, but I am trying to build a bot "army" that looks something like this. VPS 1 - 3 accounts doing sw
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