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  1. Hello Discord Name : moeR#1576 Ban Date: April 29th, 2022 Believed reason of ban: Posting Accounts for sale on tribot Discord. Banned by founder. Appeal: Honestly, I made a mistake and posted a few times on the discord server regarding accounts, Jamie kindly pointed out in private to do no so anymore( I stopped). Later was asked on the same chat for acc details/proof of trustworthiness, and I shoud've taken that offline the server in hindsight, but I replied. I believe I was banned due to talking about account sales more than once on the discord. I transpare
  2. Hi All! I recently purchased the vip version, while meaning to purchase the vip extension, Im not sure how to get a refund on the first since the latter is the first + features. I bought these within 24 hours to ensure that I wasn't trying to "game" the system. Please advise! Thank you so much.
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