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  1. Hello, I have purchased a few scripts. As I have been a old customer months ago, and I have returned as a customer. A problem I'm having this time around is, Sometimes when I start scripts, The mouse moves REALLY SLOW. And really slows down my progress and mind you on the script settings I have mouse settings set between usually 180-250. It has to be within Tribot API/Client. Because I know it's not caused by the scripting code to make it happen. I buy only from very skilled, reputable scripters. How can I fix this on the Tribot client? It's sad that I'm not able to use half my scri
  2. This looks awesome, I could totally get down with sigil hunting in the next couple days. Would having my own house for restoration pools make the bans a little less due to not using populated houses by chance? Awesome script. By the way, Is it currently stable and able to run 10+ hours? Gonna take a serious ponder tonight and might purchase tomorrow after loading some money on a debit card.
  3. So basically, I have a desktop with windows 10, And is a x32bit. Upon installing with tribot32bit exe it installs through no problem, Then when I try to run the client, It pops up saying "installing java" then closes half way. Same thing with using the splash, It pops up saying "installing java" Then closes half way and never opens the Pre-Client. Here are some pictures.
  4. Hello, I am comtemplating to trying out this script for a month versus just sticking with my other usual script that I tend to run, But I would love to possibly be a continued purchaser of this script if I find the AntiBan to be very well done ( I use a main account ) and also if the profitability is there of course. Am I able to have a 1 day trial of this script to make sure it's runnable for 4-6 hour periods without major problems?
  5. Just sayin, If that is your thought process then that's what is wrong with the price. You are saying your money back within a day or two, IF you suicide bot your account to ban city 10+ hrs. I mean, For the time it takes to make a sophisticated script such as this, it's a correct price however. I prefered the days when you paid a one time fee for the Auth's instead of a monthly fee. Makes it almost unmanageable to actually purchase scripts for most people.
  6. Bought to test this script now, I need 63-70 herblore hoping for a nice quick clean xp gain. I have paid for your slayer script and it runs very well, and based off of that... Your scripts are the only scripts I'm willing to run on my main account. I very hope to have good results with this herblore script. I will post back with results after completion.
  7. This is a VERY well made script. Very impressed and happy with my purchase. I only wish there was a lifetime option to purchase as I would be a customer. I have been using this script for the last two weeks, and went from 72 slayer to 84 slayer almost 85. Anti Ban is very well done, And this is the only script I even trust running on my main account. I feel confident I will reach 99 slayer with no issues. Can you add in support to "Add to block list" ??? As it is very hard to catch the bot on a specific task that I would like to block which would take hours to watch it just to find it on
  8. Okay so basically as the title states, I just purchased Extended VIP and looking forward to purchasing a bundle of scripts. However, I cannot get the client to open. Downloaded the regular x32bit windows installer, installed it. Opened the client... And it first say, Checking for splash update, then it switches and says installing java It gets about half way, then just closes out and doesn't throw me any errors stating why. What is the problem? I also tried to just download the portable JAR and tried to just use that, and it's doing the same thing. Looking forward to the some anwers!
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