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  1. Works great, still. Gonna work on getting it to prep/start/gather everything in the HCIM efficiency guide.
  2. I solved this by setting the area one square south of the fountain to encompass the courtyard instead of using the rooms.
  3. CatnipandMilk


    When I try to run the script I get: Unable to load script 'dTutIsland'.
  4. You said I should try botting for shorter periods of time. Shorter than less than an hour... I manually did tutorial island.
  5. It just seems rough compared to non-injection clients that let me bot tut island and run for hours on end. 1. They were all on separate residential proxies located in my own city. 2. What? 3. There is no point in running a bot for 30 mins a day. 2 of the accounts have been active since last year. I'll go so far as to correct you: botting a fresh account with an injection bot is suicide-botting. I've been using a non-injection script set to compare it to Tribot and have had no bans, with 3 fresh accounts botting tut island, fishing, cooking, mining,
  6. This is the only combat script to not get me banned. It could use a little polish but works phenomenally. Once you set the area of combat, the script roams within that area- instead of resetting to original player tile position after every kill.
  7. Best script on the whole website. Currently, it doesn't have support for ironmen, but Elon is very responsive and very accepting of suggestions. Simply transfer some gold onto the account, select the quests and go. Does quests fast and efficient. 9.8/10 would recommend to anyone. Very impressive.
  8. Other than canceling my VIP and not using an injection bot, are there any other things I can do to not get 100% ban rates? I have had 6/7 accounts banned within a few days of using Tribot. Each had a static residential proxy, premium only scripts, used OSB looking glass, and ran less than an hour at a time. Tutorial island was manually done along with initial training (att, fishing, cooking, wc, fm, and mining) for a few hours. They ran premium only scripts supervised on my side monitor the entire time. It seems the ONLY script that didn't result in a ban was Elon
  9. This is outdated, for anyone looking at this. Neat idea, but it uses obscure places to skill and got the two accounts I tested the script with banned within 20 minutes.
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