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  1. Im curious what you found out about what might be causing this
  2. I have been using for a couple weeks, 69-89 rcing so far. Amazing bot! UPDATE: 3/7/23 after nearly 2 weeks of using this bot, i received a 1 day temp ban
  3. is this script still working? I tried using it but its confusing to set up. and im trying to use the abyss with the raiments of eye outfit and it keeps banking it.
  4. saweeet thank you, is there a way for lifetime purchase? or is that not an option?
  5. i am also looking for a refund. hey i just recently bought your script and when i am running the script for the abyss it goes to settings and keeps clicking interface settings and the resizable layout, thats all it does UPDATE: I changed it to fixed layout or something and it started to work? Kinda has me worried it was stuck though. UPDATE: 1. Is it possible to play on resizable layout/window via the osrs settings in game. The current layout/window the script uses is terribly tiny. 2. Compatibility with Raiments of the eye outfit (60% more runes, and can attun
  6. Is there a way to display the paint on looking glass? or is it only visible when using tribot client alone? I'm new. And curious why i couldn't see the paint image with xp/hr etc. Thanks.
  7. is this a way to improve the frames or graphics? im using looking glass runelite and its really laggy and poor quality.
  8. Using the looking glass runelite, my graphics are really poor and blurry and it is very very laggy.
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