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    I'm a Software Engineer at Milwaukee School of Engineering with a passion for video games and computers.
  1. Good luck with that goal! Welcome to the community.
  2. Try out my new bot! Its under the money making category. It buys eyes of newt from Port Sarim and banks them in Draynor Village. You don't need ANY skills for it, just like 2-3k to start up. My method is to bot tutorial island, manually clear floor 1 (and 2 if you can) of the Stronghold of Security to get 2-5k gp, then go to Draynor Bank and run my script. Made enough for a couple memberships before I got banned by suiciding this method. My bot is FREE, you can find it on the repository or the forums.
  3. Got two accounts banned recently using methods that have always worked for me before. I'm on my third account now and I'm planning to play legit and just do bot development on a separate account from a proxy IP. I used to be able to bot on my main without a worry in the world. Now my main is a level 3 again. Oh well, its just a game. We just need to stick together, use our heads, and try even harder!
  4. Are you using a level 3 account? If so, the highway man is likely attacking you. I plan on changing the path slightly so that you avoid him.
  5. Umm.. what? Thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. Its up to the players to pretect the fragile economy. I use this script in conjunction with other money making scripts and sell newts carefully. I hope other players will make educated decisions as well but I understand where you're coming from. A lot of the scripts I write started as something useful for myself and I don't intend for them to be public, but after my friends become interested I have a desire to share my scripts for free!
  7. Welcome to Sp333th Newt Farmer! This script purchases eyes of newt from Hetty's magic shop in Port Sarim and banks them in Draynor Village. Eyes of newt only cost 3gp from the store and can be sold at market for over 150gp/ea! While its not the fastest way to make money, it is great for low level accounts or aspiring herbalists. As always, you can expect this script to be FREE forever and open source. If you have any issues using the script please post them on this forum and I will be happy to solve any issues. Version: 1.0 - Buys eyes of newt from Hetty and banks them - Start anywher
  8. Just made this a few days ago. I wanted to juice it a bit before I released it but you can have it now. I'm in class for an hour but will upload it when I get back. Its free and open source. Will post an update ASAP.
  9. Doesn't a red exclamation point flash when you modify the trade window? This sounds like something I would just have too much fun trying to implement, but Tribot might not back a developer on a tool used to scam people.
  10. Update: Some IDs are outdated. I will be working on fixing them ASAP and will upload the script to the repository when I'm finished.
  11. Thanks for the update SKBD. Due to unfortunate circumstances I won't be able to test this script for a while... one of my accounts got banned. To the best of my knowledge this script had nothing to do with the ban (I was botting some other skills severely hard), but you should always use caution when botting, be smart with your IP, and take breaks. For now, you'll have to babysit the bot if you don't want your axe to get broken. I can still do development I just can't test so if you have any more information feel free to share it here. Guess I should get woodcutting huh?
  12. So I just got permanently banned on my main account. I don't use separate accounts for botting, I just use my main for legitimate playing, bot development, and occasional botting. I've gotten a 2-day ban in the past, but this time it was permanent. I have suspicions as to what might have caused it, but I will probably never know. To the matter at hand - what is the best strategy you have found when you're banned for botting? If you appeal the offence you have two options: you can say your account got hacked, or you can say customer service made a mistake. Has anyone had any luck with either of
  13. Update: The ID of Yew trees changed. I just updated it. Hopefully the ID of Ents did not change.
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