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  1. Very nice work! I wish you good luck and succes on the further upcoming process of managing it!
  2. Thanks for the answers!
  3. Hi, i'm looking for a oldschool runescape moneymaking method that is still non well known. Something special. I am willing to pay for it ofcourse. Where would be a good place to post this on this forum? Thank you
  4. How is this going in terms of money being made and bans/or no bans?
  5. Unfortunately, the only thing I have been hearing and reading about Assumus staker is that it is constantly messing up and being broken all the time.
  6. Did you make a lot of money with it? Or was it not that great?
  7. Literally, go to w302 ge and look for them. None are spamming
  8. Thank you for the info. I don't see any of those botting gamblers though? Where are they?
  9. But there are no gambling osrs bots on here I think (because it's against the rules)?
  10. Thanks for the response, but I also ment in rs3. There was duel arena commission staking there like 6 months ago. Clans like "Stake in 54" or "Elite wins" were ruling the duel arena. I searched for the gambling bots on here but there are none, is it against the tribot rules?
  11. Hey, I have been away for some time and see that the RS3 commission staking is bannable now Is there any ingame gambling going on atm? Thanks
  12. How are ban rates on this? Looking to set up a gold farm again after botting the Karambwans for over a year when almost no one knew about it. Is it worth the membership/proxies/vpn/LG-setup ? Also, in BF, how much cash do you need on the accounts? When the banhammer strikes, I wouldn't want to have lost my invested money obviously
  13. Reading some comments and seeing nobody that is hosting. Is hosting still a thing or has it been ruined by fagex?
  14. Searched for private scripts throughout the forum and found it in this section. Will replace when found where to go, thanks!
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