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  1. Hi, i'm looking for a oldschool runescape moneymaking method that is still non well known. Something special. I am willing to pay for it ofcourse.
    Where would be a good place to post this on this forum?

    Thank you

  2. 4 hours ago, jakcorb said:

    i use assumes staker on a boss account gimme your gp stack and ill do you well.

    Unfortunately, the only thing I have been hearing and reading about Assumus staker is that it is constantly messing up and being broken all the time. 

  3. On 22-8-2017 at 1:24 AM, lets be friends said:

    They might've died down. I know when i did it my account barely lasted an hour.
    this was world 8:

    This isn't the same thing but still similar from world 30:

    Did you make a lot of money with it? Or was it not that great?

  4. On 11-8-2017 at 7:38 AM, lets be friends said:

    against what rules? Botting is against jagex's rules.....
    Any private scripter will make you a gambling script. some already have the script ready to sell to anyone who wants.

    Thank you for the info. I don't see any of those botting gamblers though? Where are they? :P

  5. 10 minutes ago, swagg said:

    I assume you mean on 07 as RS3 is irrelevant? On 07 there's a lot of gambling bots, don't trust them though as 90% are coded to scam or have ridiculous odds. There's also the duel arena obviously but you pretty much needs maxed stats to easily find 50/50 duels, otherwise you'll almost always be forced to duel with x stakers and stake with their odds unless you want to spend potential hours to find a fair fight with someone wanting to stake the same amount. If you got any combat maxed friends, they could stake for you, but obviously note that they could scam you. There's also gambling sites, I' suggest tokenbets (poker run by Bogla) or maybe runechat which imo I think should be legit, though runechat is run by a former lurer so the website could be rigged.

    Thanks for the response, but I also ment in rs3. There was duel arena commission staking there like 6 months ago. Clans like "Stake in 54" or "Elite wins" were ruling the duel arena. I searched for the gambling bots on here but there are none, is it against the tribot rules?

  6. Hi, I'm looking for a premium scripter that could make me a private script wich will be fairly easy. Had it made before but the maker isn't active anymore and doesn't want to keep supporting it. It took him almost no time to make it. I would need support on this for little changes when the game updates (I do know a very little about coding so small tweaks can be done by myself). I want it to be organised and with ABC2. Drop me a personal message here and I'll explain what it should do to make up the price :)

    Thank you in advance :)

  7. Hi,

    I have tried to add the same proxy over 5 times to the client. When I have added it, I can use it right away with the 'New client (advanced)" button. Whenever I close the client, it disappears from the list. And yes I press 'Save' before trying. Any ideas?

  8. Verison number (Printed in client debug):
    Combat / Selling Mode?: Selling

    Description of the bug: For some reason I got into w329, after starting the bot in 330. The bot wanted to switch, but with the new 'autohopper' function in the logout menu, it didn't know what to do.

    GUI settings, picture only: Normal filled out GUI to sell. Having no problems with this.

    Print script stack trace: (To do this, when the bug OCCURS, ONLY WHEN IT OCCURS or while it's occuring, you should go on top tribot, and you will see "Script", Press that then go to "Print script stack trace", this should print something to your client debug. Copy and paste whatever it prints (Should be more than 2+ lines) to this field)


    Client debug log (Pastebin, please, to copy the entire debug to your clipboard, right click the client debug button and click "Copy to clipboard"): 


    Bot debug (Pastebin, please!, to copy the entire debug to your clipboard, right click the bot debug button and click "Copy to clipboard"):


    Additional information: Just wanted to let you know this, not urgent at all.

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