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  1. How do my goldfarmer accounts know that they have to give th items to my mule? Since that would be an other script?
  2. Used my trial and liked it. Bought full version now. One account going, hoping to not get instant banned lol. Also; do you guys just use the random spot taker, or do you set a custom spot urself?
  3. Little question to the users; how long per day do you bot this and how long have your accounts been going already without a ban? Trying to get a view on how often I should make new hosts.
  4. What kinds of goldfarming could you do with this? I mean, for example yew cutting. That means they get banned every 48h's max (51h was ur max). So that means you have to remake the accounts every 2 days. Would take ages I guess if you use 10+ accounts?
  5. What are the reqs for this? What is the average moneyrate/h? How are bans on this script? How sofisticated is the script? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info! Is the profit around 200h/H on the summer parcour, or also on the winter? 65thieving might take while I guess. Also; you haven't received bans, but how long per day do you use it and how ofter do you break for how long?
  7. How well is this running/ banrates etc? Also, when hosting, how does the script know if the player wants normal or hard mode?
  8. What are the requirements for this method, and how much does this make per hour? Also, how are the bans? If bought, can I use multiple accounts?
  9. 0 with botting. Bans are real, prices are shit
  10. Can someone update me with the ban rates of scripts like this and how much hours a day would u be botting then?
  11. Anyone can update me with some ban rates of runecrafting these days? And how much hours a day would you be botting then? Don't really want to waste money on accounts over and over again without getting decent profits..
  12. Can someone update me with the ban rate on this script + how many hours a day are botted then?
  13. Hi, I haven't botted for a week. Now I got my accounts ready again, but the client is super laggy. It like it's delayed the whole time. Anyone else having this?
  14. Bramstep

    Human mouse data

    Unfortunately I have been getting banned on 4 accounts since the Human Mouse Data was implemented. Had them running for 3 months already
  15. Is this automaticly used when being VIP extended or do you need to implement this in the scripts?
  16. Hope you realise how this will drive down the profits of botting. Items will crash, especially the much botted ones
  17. Hi, recently I have gotten more interest into runescape again. I would like to do some bossing. Therefor i need a maxed account. How much would it cost me for someone to level an account of mine with let's say 50att/50str/50def/50hp to 99att/99str/99def/99hp? Same question if range is added. Looking for prices, will decide then. Also, how many days would this take on average?
  18. Let's hope the system is smarten than this
  19. In my opinion it's safer to use mules. But don't stack up to 200M gp, sell at low amounts. You won't lose much after a ban then
  20. Proxyblaze works like a charm for me Extended my proxies for another month. 35 days and counting, no bans
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