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  1. We have all been banned from the runescape website!
  2. Bramstep

    Best way to RWT?

    Thanks for the opinions
  3. Bramstep

    Best way to RWT?

    Hi, little and simple question; what is the best way to real world trade? I have about 500m 07GP I would love to sell, but I don't want the account to get banned. What would be best to give the cash to the buyer? Thank you
  4. Don't bot on accounts you are not willing to lose
  5. 1-40 construction done for me, went fast and easy. We went in half/half and no scamming happened
  6. Like the idea. At what time exactly are you getting those bans? What timezone do you live in?
  7. Bought another VIP extended from Yohojo. Super service as always! N°1 Seller for me
  8. http://gyazo.com/ee3a36029de9c8c391a03b92322a7d06 It's from a site called Bugabuse. They gather information about accounts by cracking databases. Seems like they got the tribot and osbot database and are hunting it down.
  9. Does this also work on private scripts where I have set my own random mouse movement speed?
  10. Bramstep

    Very fast ban

    Mod Weath posted something on his twitter a few hours ago: http://gyazo.com/63d8a82700fe4d6a3b21bbae52062f41 Might be something to do with that =/
  11. Hi, I am currently in need of some paysafecards and will pay those via paypal or 07GP. Reason I need these is because I gamble on sports. You can only deposit money on that account via paysafecard or via bank transfer. Post here or pm me
  12. Jagex is banhammering merch bots, so watch out Look in world1, all nature sellers are gone
  13. Added you on skype, hope you accept me xD
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