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  1. When i click proxies at the login screen of the client, all i can enter is the proxy, the port, the username and the password. Nothing more?
  2. Yes, this! Together with my idea and it would be perfect! https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25125-show-proxies-as-a-self-chosen-name/
  3. Please vote if you look into this thread
  4. Isn't 1 bitcoin worth a thousand dollars as of yesterday?
  5. Calculates % chance of winning duelIs this like; you have lost 15 times so your chance to win this time is 99.4%? Or is this like; You have those stats, he has those stats, you have 57% to win.
  6. What I would like to suggest, is that besides the actual proxy and its port, the username and the password of the proxy, we should also be able to type in a 'name' for the proxy. This would make it way easier for goldfarmers to set up their accounts and not logging in 2 accounts on the same proxy. For example, you have 10 goldfarm accounts; Farmer1, farmer2, farmer3, ... till farmer10. So, you load up TriBot, and you are at the log in screen. Instead of having to chose a proxy from the list of 10 proxies that are all numbers followed by their ports, we would be able to have a more organised list of our proxies. For example I could then set my first proxy as 'Farmer1', my second proxy as 'Farmer2' and so on. That + the client showing what proxy u are on (showing the self-set name) , could easily give us goldfarmers a view on what client should be running what account, and avoid people their proxies getting banned because they accidently logged in 2 bots on the same proxy. I hope you can see the advantages of this like I see them. Thanks EDIT: Another advantage of this would be this; if an account gets banned, you would be able to see what IP could be flagged. If this feature should not come, u will never be sure what IP it was ur on, and u could start botting on that flagged IP again.
  7. Don't know why this is, but all scripts from you seem to mess up on eating with me. They just don't eat, or wait till i'm like 1hp, and i have the settings at 'heal at 50%'. Died quite alot with this script because of this
  8. How would I receive the proxies? I will need them in the near future, but want to schedule it a bit, since i'm studying for my exams.
  9. This means i could have 10+ private IP's for only 5$? How does this affect your computerer? I mean, how much CPU and RAM does it take?
  10. Update it with a starting box that asks what skills u want to get trained. Now it gets me 20att/str, and it leaves the defence. Then it goes on to thieving. I would love the defence being trained too
  11. What stats are recommanded before starting to train at Hill Giants? Melee wise.
  12. Can anyone give me some info if this bot is up alot? Wanted to buy USA his runecrafter but 90% of the people have problems with it, so won't risk it..
  13. What does that mean? Are all scripts with 'Webwalking'?
  14. The walking is broken. It walks to like 5 steps south of the sawmill, and gets stuck there.
  15. Bramstep

    AIO Planker

    The walking is broken. It walks to like 5 steps south of the sawmill, and gets stuck there.
  16. Hi, i would like to start with this script and set up some yew choppers. But I noticed people saying that the yew spots at gnome stronghold are broken. Now my question; What is the best place to chop yews? (most working spot). Also, how many yews an hour do you guys get at what level and with what kind of axe? Thanks! (Just lost 250M by dieing on my merchbot, so i'm pretty desperate )
  17. I have a few question for you USA 1) How much hours a day do you run this on your 5 goldfarming accounts, and how many bans have you gotten yet. 2) Is this really worth it with the constant random events problems on the client? Haven't botted for 2h+ in a long time because I always get stuck in a random Thanks
  18. The maze random is not working for me after the last update. Just letting you know
  19. Game has been updated, ID's of the doors and guards have changed again I think When u have time, please fix, because I love this script
  20. Nothing against the script ofcourse, but isn't yew cutting watched hard by fagex? I bet my accounts wouldn't last a week.. =/
  21. The exam room random does everything correct, up to the point where it has to enter a door. Then it gets stuck and just stands there. The maze random doesn't even start at all. It just stands there doing nothing. Hope this helps a bit.
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