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    Request: - Item teleport support (ge bought teleports)
  2. I add the account into on the first tab, then i edit the tutorial settings (and yes, that is the one i was talking about not be saved), however... not sure about that either... spose i will make another acc and try to do as you described (probably be faster to have some1 else do it though)
  3. My bad... was kinda vague, i mean the screen part of your gui, the options on that screen of the gui, the shift drop, esc close, etc doesnt work. I can't honestly answer you on if it loads the screen to change the options or not, just aware that after tut island, these things like music are still going (not correctly disabled/enabled)
  4. Updated requested: Display name is no longer on the site when signing up, but instead ingame The screen to enable/disable options does not currently work, tested with around 5 accounts. Music disabling, esc enabling is currently not working. Thank you @Fluffee
  5. @Fluffee Thank you so much for creating/maintaining a tutorial island bot! Especially since its open source, and very well written! Really nice addition to the community ~grammatoncleric
  6. Doesnt work atm? Tried it, it banked everything, and then stopped script immediately
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