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  1. Wow you actually finally decided to do something useful.
  2. If statement for dev can be changed to ternary within the x/y declaration.
  3. Methods that return booleans and do nothing else follow is/has/can/should prefixes. Example ArrayList#isEmpty vs ArrayList#remove. isEmpty just returns if its empty or not, while remove does an action inside of the method. https://wiki.eclipse.org/Recommenders/CodingConventions
  4. Naming conventions and brace placements/lack of in some places are cancer. More so just a walk through of how you when about doing your script than an actual scripting tutorial.
  5. Not sure why your "aHelper" class is included if it's not used at all. Code is pretty low quality as well. Just looking through aHelper, canAlch() will recursively call itself forever if you are able to alch so thats not even going to work. Shit like food should be put into an array or something so it doesn't take 500 lines just to determine what food to eat, let alone calling getDefinition() 500 times instead of caching the data into a variable.
  6. TreeInfo.java whats the point of setting a levelRequired variable if you aren't going to use it. Something like this is would make more sense. At least add some useful shit like upgrading axes from the bank, etc if your going to go for scripter u retard public static TreeInfo getCurrentTreeInfo() { int level = Skills.SKILLS.WOODCUTTING.getActualLevel(); TreeInfo current = null; for (TreeInfo info : TreeInfo.values()) { if (level >= info.levelRequired) { current = info; } } return current; } public static String getTreeName() { TreeInf
  7. selling xrp 10cents

  8. This pattern also makes like 0 sense lol. Whats the point of getting the interface again if you already checked that its != null. c is the same thing as gloves in this example. if (Skills.SKILLS.CRAFTING.getActualLevel() >= 38) { General.sleep(General.randomSD(250, 1200, 725, 500)); RSInterface i = Interfaces.get(270); if (i != null) { RSInterface c = i.getChild(20); if (c != null) { RSInterface gloves = Interfaces.get(270, 20); General.sleep(General.randomSD(70, 210, 140, 70)); if (gloves != null) { gloves.click(); } } } } Also having tons of these cou
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