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  1. Ok thanks, If you could get the blowpipe supported it would make for some excellent proggies. Hawk Eye + Pure gear im doing ~83K Range xp/hr with only steel darts <3 Script is great Erick
  2. When will potion buying work? Be nice to be able to stock up or buy every game. What about Toxic Blow Pipe, I think I can go ~4 Rounds the way I do it before it loses its charge of Zulrah's scales can you make the script reload darts + scales after minimum of X remain or something. Thank you!
  3. Sold me 10M, Good guy very trusted on other sites! Verified his ID to me without hesitation. Will be trading again!
  4. [18:58:14] Inside dream.[18:58:14] NTDPP #2: 27.0 44.0 0.25 0.6136363636363636[18:58:14] Shield check: 3842 true false true false[18:58:15] Shield check: 3842 true false true false[18:58:15] Inside dream.[18:58:15] NTDPP #2: 26.0 44.0 0.29 0.5909090909090909[18:58:15] Shield check: 3842 true false true false[18:58:16] Shield check: 3842 true false true false[18:58:16] Inside dream.[18:58:16] NTDPP #2: 26.0 44.0 0.28 0.5909090909090909 This is what I got, It drank 1 sip of Ovl + finished off 1 Ppot (4) then gave out. Any solution? Settings: Overloads, Single Game, Force Melee @erickho123
  5. Welcome Bulk Sellers This is my thread to inform you I am buying large quantities of botted items Please PM me anything you have. I do not want junk / hard to sell items Proof of items is required via Skype screenshare or in-game meet Payments via 07 Gp / RS3 / Paypal If I deem you untrustworthy you will be subjected to pay for an MM or go first Happy Sales!
  6. Hi I need 150K Mithril Ore and 600K Coal and 150K Nats Looking to buy bulk in 07 or $$. Thanks! Pm me AND add my Skype, KowfieldCo
  7. Please add me on Skype Getting stuck in Caniffs, Climbing up tree, I find myself hoveringing standing ontop of the tree. Then, The pole vault over the bar ( think its the bar ), It gets stuck and hovers. To fix it, I manually click on the roof till its fixed. I tried doing the course by hand and it doesnt happen.
  8. Sold me lots of membership and questing services, good prices, good service. thumbs up!
  9. After the login bot logs in, it continues to type my username and password in the chat for everyone to see, potentially a big issue lol could you take a look? thanks
  10. Like your script, although I found a couple bugs mining at the crafting guild. Walking to and from the bank, it gets stuck at the tunnel. Sometimes it's too far away from it and tries to click it and says "can't reach that". And other times I move the camera angle a bit and works fine. Also it misclicks to and from the bank in several spots, again depending on the camera angle. If you could take a look at this that would be great
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