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  1. Amount of gold to sell: 4.5m Payment method: PayPalHave you PM'ed me your skype or msn: Yes, SkypeHave u added me already: Yeah.Will you leave me positive feedback and a vouch: yes completed, very nice and generous!
  2. The Herbalist Zahur, the Herbalist, is a character in Nardah who will clean players' herbs. This will cost 200 coins per herb, and players will not receive any Herblore experience, so it is not recommended, since cleaning herbs yourself gives experience and does not cost 200 coins to do. She will also decant 4-dose potions into 3-dose or 2-dose potions, charging theGrand Exchange market price for each empty vial she needs while decanting potions. She will decant noted potions. I don't want 4's into 3's and 2's I want 3's into 4's regardless, it's on repo, if you like it i'll add AIO, but i just need the public to test out horrid kinks
  3. Do you currently have too many Super Energy Potion? If you're too lazy to click them one by one or afraid of accidentally drinking one, look no further! With this script it will: 1. Withdraw an inventory of 28 super energy 3s 2. use a 3 -> 3 3. use a 2 -> 3 4. use a 1 -> 3 And now you have a row of [Vial] [4] [4] [4] It then repeats for the other rows until the inventory is done, then deposits the inventory, then restarts! Simple, easy, 56 lines. If you would like me to add other potions just let me know, thanks! Jadedtdt [This should be on the repo as soon as it's approved]
  4. [14:57:39] Stopping Script: Logic Is Broken what does this mean everytime i get this, im dead
  5. and now you've pissed off jagex they dont care about 07 bots but make a lot of effort to rid rs3 of bots. gj
  6. is anyone even using this? lol when i run my script i never see anyone else running nats...
  7. if youre getting an out of date version: 1. load script and run 2. click bot debug and read where it says RESTART TRIBOT 3. do that 4. run script again 5. repeat step 2 (see if it says the same thing) 6. if still not working, open scripts folder and delete all old versions and delete the jnatcrafter folder (DO NOT REDOWNLOAD) 7. repeat 1-5 8. if still not working, i will show you what you did wrong on teamviewer and embarrass you; message me on skype: jadedtdt
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