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  1. GREAT private scripter.  Hands down one of the best on tribot.  Made a private script for me and got 99 crafting on my ironman.  Communicates well and always fixes bugs and adds needed changes to the script when needed.  Can't wait until I get another bot from him!

  2. Hunua

    Charter Crafting

    Willing to pay for a script that uses glassblowing and molten glass spell make at charters for ironmen.
  3. Perm ban at varrock was only botting in 2 hour increments around 6 hrs a day
  4. [12:10:36] java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method) [12:10:36] obf.uA.JB(ec:120) [12:10:36] org.tribot.api.General.sleep(yu:163) [12:10:36] scripts.aAgilityNEW.h.a(Seeds.java:102) [12:10:36] scripts.aAgilityNEW.Main.run(Main.java:109) [12:10:36] java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) There is the track debug for the error incase the scripter needs it... nothing else is showing up in the bot or client debug that is substantial.
  5. Is the bot not working since the new update? Can not get it to run even after doing all the steps incase it won't run. Thanks.
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