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  1. To everyone that knows how to script decently good bots, how did you personally learn did you take classes,read through tutorials, watch youtube? I'm really trying to get into scripting but it seems very difficult but I'm beginning to get a basic understanding of classes,objects,methods,booleans,what api's are for etc im really trying not give up on this as it seems super cool to me.
  2. It seems like a good method that doesnt require too much account stats so why isnt it a more common method of gold farming
  3. Does banking not work on this script? Whenever I run out of food it says "out of food" "we are not banking"
  4. Seems like theres a bunch out there so what do you guys recommend :0
  5. just getting into botting and im gonna start taking it serious after I make enough for the resources i need proxies,vip-e,premium scripts etc... but until then does anyone have any recommendations on what I can bot to make a decent income that wont require much resources? I have enough to get 2 accounts p2p (i know people dont really give out their methods but you can just give me an idea :))
  6. say i wanted to run 1proxy for 3 accounts and another proxy for 3 accs would i do the following?: have 1 tribot client open and loaded with the first proxy and 3 accounts and then another tribot client open with the second proxy and the other 3 accounts
  7. To do that would you have one tribot window loaded with the proxy and 3 accounts and another windows open with a different proxy and another 3 accounts?
  8. Fairly new to botting but i was wondering say I have 3 accounts, do I need to buy 3 proxies for all three accs to not be all banned at once or will buying 1 proxy do it
  9. I'm trying to get back into botting on osrs and want to know what I should target my first account to do? I'm gonna level it on f2p and quest it with f2p quests by hand first and then buy it a bond. Any methods you would recommend to bot? I'm looking to buy a paid script and manage my breaks and log everything
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