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  1. There are a lot of things I would like to add but in all honesty I only have my one main account that I trained 99% legitimately and when I see the ban rates for woodcutting I'm afraid to test anything guys :/
  2. Alright didn't know that, thanks. Guess it has all abc then except reaction time.
  3. You can't have abcl10 in a fletcher. Abc levels include things like generating run energy and at what hp to eat food. It has good antiban features but using the inconsistent delays from abc2 would cut experience per hour incredibly much. I've explained before why I think dynamic sleep timers from abc2 are bad and why I don't use them. Don't worry though, your ban chances are still the absolute lowest for this fletching script. There are random mouse movements, mouse clicks, examines, camera movements, random tab opening, etc. Just pushed an update as well.
  4. https://tribot.org/doc/ setLoginBotState In the script interface. Somewhere in your onstart put: setLoginBotState(false);
  5. Check the settings that change upon logging in and out. Fill in the interfaces accordingly and login afterwards. It can be hard to do if you're new to scripting but otherwise it's an easy process.
  6. Alright I'll do that. I have a lot of antiban in the script but it doesn't execute yet. I really dislike abc2 delays. It's incredibly inconsistent and always really high. Abc doesn't take mouse movements and whatnot into account which makes it even more botlike. You could move the mouse to the next object and abc will still wait between 2 and 15 seconds before clicking just because it's programmed poorly in that regard in my opinion.
  7. Googler

    What do you need 100 posts for? :P

    1. Guest


      to send credits to a friend, really annoying

    2. Googler


      That sucks, you can only send 5 credits per month btw so idk if that's enough...

  8. Yes it automatically selects the closest bank supported by webwalking.
  9. Googler

    I'm back ::-)

    Change that signature mate. Not trying to bum you out as I don't know you but what I get from this thread is that you've matured, which is not exactly what that picture presents
  10. So you're salty your main got banned because you botted? The risks of botting have been known for 10 years. Relax and don't bot on your main if you don't want to lose it.
  11. I don't mean to be mean but you really have no clue what you are talking about (and neither do we tbh). If Jagex were able to detect tribot (which they could if they wanted to, but like Trilez said it would just become and endless cat and mouse game) then you would be banned by just logging in. Whatever point you're trying to make doesn't make any sense at all.
  12. People are always going to say yes no matter what you offer them. Imo you need to seriously consider whether it's worth your time to work on rs3. If you think it is worth it then go for it, otherwise wait it out a bit and see how nxt will actually affect the playerbase.
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