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  1. zdogg

    day 23

    I instantly logged in within 5 seconds, no issues. This update rocks. No need to clench my ass anymore everytime i get an e-mail.
  2. Did you check your bill statement and it says charged for both, full price? Usuaully if you upgrade from VIP to VIP-E it doesn't charge full price due to VIP.
  3. zdogg


    lost a few brain cells
  4. zdogg

    Botfarm questions

    Bot timers, i figured 6 hr run, 12 hr break suits nicely for afk skills ie mlm, wc ect
  5. Good stuff @Marcusihno. I've been waiting for a decent Slayer script since Mute ditched his project.
  6. Been waiting for this, good stuff.
  7. Don't let them know, more xp for us!
  8. Legend. That's what will get you far my friend, fast responses. Thanks
  9. Welcome back mate, awseome script. I'd prefered gold bracelets as it gives decent crafting xp.
  10. My signature says it all. Awesome script.
  11. There's about 1M topics with this exact issue, it's very common.
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