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zdogg's Feedback

  1. Guest

    Guest left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Lookig Glass
    the guy spent nearly an hour id say helping me with setting up my LG. Could not thank him enough.

    zdogg was The Seller

  2. Liamus left Positive feedback for a topic   

    rCrabs [Free][Open Source][Rellekka + Waterbirth][Ranged Support]
    top man talked me through how to install local scripts was patient and nice

    zdogg was The Seller

  3. 1027747068 left Positive feedback   

    The script you can optimize the CPU, please open a is high warrior killer 1.3.7

    zdogg was The Seller

  4. HappyBot left Positive feedback   

    bought 53m, smooth deal.:)

    zdogg was The Seller

  5. RuniteRocks left Positive feedback   

    sold him script

    zdogg was The Buyer

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