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  1. Did you follow the guide linked above? Yes What is the CPU usage before you start a script? 5% What is the CPU usage after you start a script? 14% What script are you using? Fletching What version of TRiBot are you using? Latest What version of Java is TRiBot using? 18.0.0_5 What operating system are you using? Windows 2012 server Do you experience high CPU usage with other scripts? Testing tonight What is the "Max Heap Size" set to as defined in the TRiBot Login? 512 What is your Client Paint Delay? 100 Are you running lite mode? Yes Do you minimize TRiBot while botting? Yes @TRiLeZ
  2. At the moment I'm experiencing some CPU problems with the client, so I can't answer accurately (starts at around 5% and gets to 15% by the end of the night)
  3. @Montreal Also, I don't run any kind of service on TRiBot and banning me would impact in no way whatsoever. I rarely even post. I've told you time and time again I'm on really bad internet right now, and hassling me isn't such a great idea when banning me would save me $48 dollars and cost me nothing.
  4. You're stupid. PM me your Skype info and I will video chat because you don't have the complexity to understand text.
  5. My data plan is still from the U.S. and I;m using interview for this message (and it's awful)
  6. This literally makes me want to swallow glass but I'll pay him back as soon as I get better internet (On vacation in China) which should be soon. Currently I can't access my PayPal And just because I'm agreeing to do this doesn't mean I'm going back on my statements. I know something funky went on here, but it looks like I have no choice.
  7. The way the accounts were banned. They all got banned at the exact same time.
  8. I knew it was botted. We had an agreement that he would replace and re level the accounts if an account got banned. I paid extra for this. Here are the Skype logs I have on this laptop (I'll have more when I get home) [4/27/2014 4:53:41 PM] Jack W.: hey [4/27/2014 4:53:43 PM] Jack W.: how are they going [4/27/2014 4:54:44 PM] Jack W.: ? [4/27/2014 4:55:28 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: 2 of them are 65 now [4/27/2014 4:55:38 PM] Jack W.: the two ones that were close to 65 already? [4/27/2014 4:55:43 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Yeah. [4/27/2014 4:55:46 PM] Jack W.: cool [4/27/2014 4:55:53 PM] Jack W.: im not going to log into them until the whole order is finished [4/27/2014 4:55:56 PM] Jack W.: just to keep everything organized [4/27/2014 4:56:01 PM] Jack W.: have u done prince ali on them? [4/27/2014 4:56:07 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: nope [4/27/2014 4:56:12 PM] Jack W.: ok [4/27/2014 4:56:13 PM] Jack W.: and actualy [4/27/2014 4:56:16 PM] Jack W.: actually [4/27/2014 4:56:19 PM] Jack W.: what time did yu complete them at [4/27/2014 4:56:54 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I completed the 59 Thieving one like 5 hours ago. and the other one just lvled 65 [4/27/2014 4:57:25 PM] Jack W.: oh ok [4/27/2014 4:57:32 PM] Jack W.: i will probs use them tomorrow them [4/27/2014 4:57:33 PM] Jack W.: then [4/27/2014 4:57:55 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: kk [4/27/2014 4:59:20 PM] Jack W.: how are the other accs doing [4/27/2014 5:00:28 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: other accs are 52 thiev - 46 and 43 [4/27/2014 5:00:35 PM] Jack W.: cool [4/27/2014 5:00:45 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: i done prince ali rescue on one acc [4/27/2014 5:01:22 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: theres a script btw, that does that quest [4/27/2014 5:01:26 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: on TRiBot [4/27/2014 5:01:27 PM] Jack W.: im aware [4/27/2014 5:01:30 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Kk. [4/27/2014 5:01:30 PM] Jack W.: i got banned twice with it [4/27/2014 5:01:35 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: theres a new one out [4/27/2014 5:01:40 PM] Jack W.: ah. [4/27/2014 8:39:10 PM] Jack W.: how's the order going [4/27/2014 8:49:59 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: good mate [4/28/2014 10:44:35 AM] Jack W.: updates? [4/28/2014 10:44:57 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: they're banned -.- [4/28/2014 11:19:24 AM] Jack W.: -__________________- [4/28/2014 11:19:35 AM] Jack W.: perma? [4/28/2014 11:19:39 AM] Jack W.: or temp [4/28/2014 11:19:48 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: perm [4/28/2014 11:39:08 AM] Jack W.: ....so what now [4/28/2014 2:21:27 PM] Jack W.: ?? [4/28/2014 5:12:50 PM] Jack W.: replaced yet7 [4/28/2014 5:14:18 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: ill do it soon [4/28/2014 5:14:34 PM] Jack W.: ok cool [4/28/2014 5:58:09 PM] Jack W.: uhm [4/28/2014 5:58:10 PM] Jack W.: and btw [4/28/2014 5:58:18 PM | Removed 6:00:06 PM] Jack W.: This message has been removed. [4/28/2014 5:58:28 PM | Removed 6:00:07 PM] Jack W.: This message has been removed. [4/28/2014 5:58:31 PM | Removed 6:00:08 PM] Jack W.: This message has been removed. [4/28/2014 5:58:37 PM | Removed 6:00:10 PM] Jack W.: This message has been removed. [4/28/2014 5:58:50 PM | Removed 6:00:11 PM] Jack W.: This message has been removed. [4/28/2014 5:59:58 PM] Jack W.: ^nvm [4/28/2014 6:03:52 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: ?? [4/28/2014 6:04:21 PM] Jack W.: way saying u might want to change ur ip [4/28/2014 6:04:28 PM] Jack W.: if u keep getting bans that may be why [4/28/2014 6:04:30 PM] Jack W.: unless ur using proxies [4/28/2014 11:27:48 PM] Jack W.: hey [4/28/2014 11:28:51 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: hi, 3 accs are up and running again now. [4/28/2014 11:28:58 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Changed VPS IP aswell. [4/28/2014 11:29:03 PM] Jack W.: cool [4/28/2014 11:29:07 PM] Jack W.: and btw [4/28/2014 11:29:10 PM] Jack W.: how much would this cost [4/28/2014 11:29:11 PM] Jack W.: just 1 acc [4/28/2014 11:29:12 PM] Jack W.: [Monday, April 28, 2014 11:27 PM] Jack W.: <<< hey i need a shorter plvling job 30 agile 30 str 30 firemaking and 30 craft [4/28/2014 11:29:37 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: umm [4/28/2014 11:30:36 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: 3m [4/29/2014 7:48:20 AM] Jack W.: how are they going [4/29/2014 5:50:14 PM] Jack W.: hey. [4/29/2014 5:50:17 PM] Jack W.: Are you here? [4/29/2014 5:50:28 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Yeah. [4/29/2014 5:50:31 PM] Jack W.: Hey [4/29/2014 5:50:35 PM] Jack W.: How much would 1-60 wcing be [4/29/2014 5:51:17 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: 3m [4/29/2014 5:52:01 PM] Jack W.: nevermind lol [4/29/2014 5:52:33 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I'll do 2M then but I won't re-supply the account if it get's banned. [4/29/2014 5:52:45 PM] Jack W.: that's ok [4/29/2014 5:52:51 PM] Jack W.: and what is the status of the thievers [4/29/2014 5:53:46 PM] Jack W.: ? [4/29/2014 5:54:02 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Banned, again. [4/29/2014 5:54:09 PM] Jack W.: . [4/29/2014 5:54:18 PM] Jack W.: maybe thieving isn't a good choice anymore lol [4/29/2014 5:54:51 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: yeah 1-38 suicide thieving at mans is really high ban rate. [4/29/2014 5:55:12 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I even trained them to cb 30 first [4/30/2014 9:35:07 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Nice dude you're charging back your cash? [4/30/2014 9:35:12 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Idiot. [4/30/2014 9:38:22 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Alright I'm posting a scam report now then. [4/30/2014 9:42:15 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: HAh you will get banned @ TRi aswell kid. [4/30/2014 9:50:20 AM] Jack W.: Relax [4/30/2014 9:50:27 AM] Jack W.: I'm the one who should be angry atm [4/30/2014 9:50:30 AM] Jack W.: I cancelled them [4/30/2014 9:50:34 AM] Jack W.: Don't jump to conclusions [4/30/2014 9:50:37 AM] Jack W.: I just lost over 1.4k [4/30/2014 9:51:23 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: If you canceled them then I'm sorry [4/30/2014 9:52:52 AM] Jack W.: Check your email please [4/30/2014 9:53:06 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: How the hell do you lose $1400 [4/30/2014 9:53:08 AM] Jack W.: It should have sent something [4/30/2014 9:53:12 AM] Jack W.: Bought off site plvling [4/30/2014 9:53:17 AM] Jack W.: about a month ago [4/30/2014 9:53:27 AM] Jack W.: and he just logged into all of the accounts yesterday [4/30/2014 9:53:32 AM] Jack W.: changed all the pws [4/30/2014 9:53:37 AM] Jack W.: i spent 3 hours changing them back [4/30/2014 9:53:43 AM] Jack W.: only to discover they are all banned [4/30/2014 9:53:48 AM] Jack W.: over 140 accounts [4/30/2014 9:54:00 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: omg :/ holy sht he gotthem all banned? [4/30/2014 9:56:18 AM] Jack W.: Yep [4/30/2014 9:56:34 AM] Jack W.: you have no idea what this means for me llol [4/30/2014 9:57:31 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I havn't received any email yet though [4/30/2014 9:58:33 AM] Jack W.: one sec [4/30/2014 9:58:34 AM] Jack W.: ill screenshare [4/30/2014 9:58:39 AM] Jack W.: they are all cancelled [4/30/2014 9:58:40 AM] Jack W.: wait an hr [4/30/2014 9:58:50 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: kk [4/30/2014 10:00:36 AM] Jack W.: urgh this is so brutal lol [4/30/2014 10:58:58 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: still no email from pp tho xD [4/30/2014 10:59:52 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: can you cancel it plz or screenshare that you canceled it [4/30/2014 11:00:13 AM] Jack W.: yeah [4/30/2014 11:00:14 AM] Jack W.: give me a sec [4/30/2014 11:01:21 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Ok. [4/30/2014 11:01:57 AM] Jack W.: that was a very passive agressive ok [4/30/2014 11:02:17 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: lol no [4/30/2014 11:02:41 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I'm not mad at all I just want to resolve it asap. [4/30/2014 11:03:05 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: It shouldn't have happened in the first place, right? [4/30/2014 11:03:20 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: You are Flexx from TRibot right [4/30/2014 11:03:38 AM] Jack W.: yep [4/30/2014 11:03:59 AM] Jack W.: ok [4/30/2014 11:04:21 AM] Jack W.: im in class so if i hop to something school related bear with me [4/30/2014 11:04:29 AM] Jack W.: ? [4/30/2014 11:04:47 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: i dunno it says 'problem with playback device.' [4/30/2014 11:05:03 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: doesnt work i think [4/30/2014 11:05:09 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: teamview? [4/30/2014 11:05:23 AM] Jack W.: try again [4/30/2014 11:05:25 AM] Jack W.: u declined [4/30/2014 11:05:28 AM] Jack W.: or [4/30/2014 11:05:29 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I did not [4/30/2014 11:05:30 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: look [4/30/2014 11:05:31 AM] Jack W.: just call me [4/30/2014 11:05:33 AM] Jack W.: spam it [4/30/2014 11:05:40 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: http://puu.sh/8twKi/b5e3c12e21.png [4/30/2014 11:05:55 AM] Jack W.: try again [4/30/2014 11:06:41 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: cant [4/30/2014 11:06:50 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: http://puu.sh/8twOm/fe8934c5fb.png [4/30/2014 11:07:03 AM] Jack W.: k teamview [4/30/2014 11:07:21 AM] Jack W.: 788 653 270 [4/30/2014 11:07:30 AM] Jack W.: 494ugx [4/30/2014 11:07:50 AM] Jack W.: all of those are cancelled [4/30/2014 11:07:58 AM] Jack W.: ill show u what happens [4/30/2014 11:08:32 AM] Jack W.: That action is not valid. Please try again [4/30/2014 11:08:36 AM] Jack W.: i already cancelled it [4/30/2014 11:08:44 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Oooh [4/30/2014 11:08:50 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Okay we'll just wait what happens. [4/30/2014 11:08:58 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: thx ill believe u [4/30/2014 11:09:05 AM] Jack W.: it'll go away in a few hour [4/30/2014 11:09:05 AM] Jack W.: s [4/30/2014 11:09:11 AM] Jack W.: sorry about this [4/30/2014 11:09:12 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: hopefully [4/30/2014 11:09:14 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: im in red now [4/30/2014 11:09:15 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: haha [4/30/2014 11:09:22 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: $40 [4/30/2014 11:09:22 AM] Jack W.: roflll [4/30/2014 11:09:34 AM] Jack W.: but ok listen [4/30/2014 11:09:36 AM] Jack W.: the wierd thing is [4/30/2014 11:09:39 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: had problems with pp earlier so i dont want it again haha [4/30/2014 11:09:43 AM] Jack W.: none of his payments are in my paypal anymore [4/30/2014 11:09:50 AM] Jack W.: thank god i paid with my bank [4/30/2014 11:09:56 AM] Jack W.: i think he abused something [4/30/2014 11:10:06 AM] Jack W.: every one of the transactions is gone [4/30/2014 11:10:06 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: You got the money back right? [4/30/2014 11:10:12 AM] Jack W.: not yet [4/30/2014 11:10:15 AM] Jack W.: gonna have to call my bank [4/30/2014 11:10:19 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: ah [4/30/2014 11:10:31 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: u will get it back no doubt xD [4/30/2014 11:10:41 AM] Jack W.: hopefully [4/30/2014 11:10:45 AM] Jack W.: i wonder if i can chargeback jagex lol [4/30/2014 11:11:07 AM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Hahaha I dont think u can [4/30/2014 11:11:33 AM] Jack W.: i could try [4/30/2014 3:24:53 PM] Jack W.: kk [4/30/2014 3:24:55 PM] Jack W.: all cancelled [4/30/2014 5:27:41 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: ty [4/30/2014 11:23:42 PM] Jack W.: btw [4/30/2014 11:23:49 PM] Jack W.: if you could refund my order that'd be great [4/30/2014 11:23:53 PM] Jack W.: it's a bit over time hah [5/1/2014 4:10:18 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Yeah is it cool if I refund you the amount of 3 accounts 1-65 Thieving in 07gp in 2 days? my mule is still banned for 2 days after that i can pay you [5/1/2014 5:44:54 PM] Jack W.: well [5/3/2014 3:19:23 PM] Jack W.: hey, how's the rf coming? [5/3/2014 5:20:22 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Hi [5/3/2014 5:20:47 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: I can refund $18,72 now [5/3/2014 5:20:56 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: (For the 3 accounts I did not complete) [5/3/2014 5:24:30 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: [email protected] Want me to sent it to that PayPal Email? [5/3/2014 5:25:15 PM] Jack W.: yep [5/3/2014 5:27:16 PM] ☺ 325i/Target 「Sponsor」: Sent. [5/3/2014 5:27:22 PM] Jack W.: [5/6/2014 7:49:06 PM] Jack W.: Hi, I created a new Skype, if you've ever talked to me feel free to add my new one: >jack.williams871< if you don't even know who i am please don't re-add me, trying to keep my new Skype contact list clean [5/20/2014 4:22:47 PM] ' Target [120+ Feedbacks]: ~ Selling RuneScape bonds 1M 07gp each CONTACT ME! //Broadcast Message\\ [6/1/2014 7:16:51 PM] ' Target [150+ Feedbacks]: Join http://www.thersmarket.com/forum/ it's a new RuneScape forum with a blackmarket/chatbox included! The Ex-Staff Smart & Raflesia are there aswell. Sign up now. **Sorry for the Broadcast Message** [6/3/2014 10:55:51 AM] ' Target [150+ Feedbacks]: Join http://www.thersmarket.com/forum/ it's a new RuneScape forum with a blackmarket/chatbox included! The Ex-Staff Smart & Raflesia are there aswell. Sign up now. **Sorry for the Broadcast Message** [6/19/2014 7:32:23 AM] ' Target [150+ Feedbacks]: Hey faggot [6/21/2014 3:12:01 PM] Jack W.: hi [6/21/2014 3:30:10 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: y u charged back [6/22/2014 2:31:01 PM | Removed 2:42:42 PM] ' Target [180+ Feedbacks]: This message has been removed. [7/7/2014 10:35:46 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: So you still going to refund me or what? [7/7/2014 10:37:13 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37578-scam-report-flexx-chargedback-payment/ [7/8/2014 10:06:57 AM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Dont worry kid you'll be banned soon [7/8/2014 9:19:21 PM] Jack W.: lol [7/8/2014 9:20:07 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: =) [7/8/2014 9:20:33 PM] Jack W.: Lol you're the kid who got all my accounts banned [7/8/2014 9:20:34 PM] Jack W.: Right [7/8/2014 9:20:39 PM] Jack W.: That's why [7/8/2014 9:20:57 PM] Jack W.: Chargebacks take weeks [7/8/2014 9:20:59 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: I didn't get all your accounts banned. I completed multiple orders for you. [7/8/2014 9:21:06 PM] Jack W.: I called them up right away [7/8/2014 9:21:11 PM] Jack W.: They said they'd do it [7/8/2014 9:21:12 PM] Jack W.: It takes weeks [7/8/2014 9:21:14 PM] Jack W.: Yeah, and all of the accounts I ordered from you got banned all on the same date [7/8/2014 9:21:22 PM] Jack W.: Not any of the other ones [7/8/2014 9:21:23 PM] Jack W.: Same method [7/8/2014 9:21:24 PM] Jack W.: Same time [7/8/2014 9:21:37 PM] Jack W.: Coincidence? I think nto [7/8/2014 9:21:48 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Yeah right. That's why you decided to chargeback a month after? [7/8/2014 9:21:51 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: seems legit [7/8/2014 9:21:53 PM] Jack W.: lol [7/8/2014 9:21:54 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: you're bullshitting [7/8/2014 9:22:00 PM] Jack W.: I can upload an email proof [7/8/2014 9:22:28 PM] Jack W.: And I have proof I made that call right after they were banned [7/8/2014 9:22:28 PM] Jack W.: SO [7/8/2014 9:22:28 PM] Jack W.: Yea [7/8/2014 9:22:47 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: No you're bullshitting and that is still no reason to chargeback [7/8/2014 9:23:05 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: You will get banned if you wont refund me [7/8/2014 9:23:16 PM] Jack W.: Yeah, not sure about that [7/8/2014 9:23:37 PM] Jack W.: Makes no sense to chargeback a measly $57 if there wasn't a reason when I have history [7/8/2014 9:23:42 PM] Jack W.: With paying with paypal without problems [7/8/2014 9:23:48 PM] Jack W.: Yohojo, etc [7/8/2014 9:23:51 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: [Tuesday, July 8, 2014 12:19 PM] [YoHoJo]: <<< Looking into it idkwtf his post is even saying it's kind of funny https://tribot.org/forums/topic/37578-scam-report-flexx-chargedback-payment/?p [7/8/2014 9:23:57 PM] Jack W.: for LOTS more [7/8/2014 9:23:58 PM] Jack W.: lol [7/8/2014 9:24:01 PM] Jack W.: put him in a group chat [7/8/2014 9:24:11 PM] Jack W.: I've sent him a lot more than $57 [7/8/2014 9:24:23 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Refund me then, ok? [7/8/2014 9:24:34 PM] Jack W.: If you remake my accounts, sure [7/8/2014 9:24:52 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: No? I completed your accounts and there was no issue, if there was why didn't you contact me? [7/8/2014 9:25:00 PM] Jack W.: Sec [7/8/2014 9:25:31 PM] Jack W.: Probably because you were banned [7/8/2014 9:25:32 PM] Jack W.: lol [7/8/2014 9:25:39 PM] Jack W.: How the fuck am I supposed to contact you if you're banned [7/8/2014 9:25:41 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: I was banned? Are you serious? [7/8/2014 9:25:51 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: I was never banned, you dumbfuck. [7/8/2014 9:26:07 PM] Jack W.: lol [7/8/2014 9:26:08 PM] Jack W.: let me linky ou [7/8/2014 9:26:17 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: You don't even make sense. LOL [7/8/2014 9:26:18 PM] Jack W.: Jay Cutler is banned on osbot [7/8/2014 9:26:26 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: thats not me? [7/8/2014 9:26:37 PM] Jack W.: who are you on osbot [7/8/2014 9:26:41 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: TARGET [7/8/2014 9:26:52 PM] Jack W.: 325i? [7/8/2014 9:26:55 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Yes! [7/8/2014 9:27:05 PM] Jack W.: Well [7/8/2014 9:27:12 PM] Jack W.: that's why you weren't contacted lol [7/8/2014 9:27:31 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Umm, whats the reason I wasn't contacted? [7/8/2014 9:27:40 PM] Jack W.: Thought you were jay cutler [7/8/2014 9:27:41 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: You didn't state any reason [7/8/2014 9:27:44 PM] Jack W.: he's done services for me too [7/8/2014 9:27:46 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: I AM NOT HIM [7/8/2014 9:27:47 PM] Jack W.: the same job [7/8/2014 9:27:48 PM] Jack W.: same price [7/8/2014 9:27:50 PM] Jack W.: well i thought you were [7/8/2014 9:27:52 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Your mistake. [7/8/2014 9:27:59 PM] Jack W.: well yes [7/8/2014 9:28:02 PM] Jack W.: but you got my accounts banned [7/8/2014 9:28:07 PM] Jack W.: so it's still your problem [7/8/2014 9:28:25 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: I didn't get any of your accounts banned. Do you have any proof to support those false claims? [7/8/2014 9:28:38 PM] Jack W.: Yep [7/8/2014 9:28:39 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: That it was my fault? [7/8/2014 9:28:49 PM] Jack W.: All of the accounts that were levelled by you got banned on the same day [7/8/2014 9:28:57 PM] Jack W.: I have proof of that [7/8/2014 9:29:05 PM] Jack W.: I have proof that I called up my card company the next day [7/8/2014 9:29:08 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: Probably because you botted on them. [7/8/2014 9:29:13 PM] Jack W.: I have proof that other accounts didn't get banned [7/8/2014 9:29:14 PM] Jack W.: lol [7/8/2014 9:29:16 PM] Jack W.: Yes [7/8/2014 9:29:20 PM] Jack W.: But that's not how botting works [7/8/2014 9:29:23 PM] Jack W.: Only your accounts got banned [7/8/2014 9:29:25 PM] Jack W.: Nothing else [7/8/2014 9:30:45 PM] Jack W.: If it's bannable to chargeback for that then whatever [7/8/2014 9:31:27 PM] 'Target [200+ Feedbacks]: You don't make any sense at all. [7/8/2014 9:31:54 PM] Jack W.: ok
  9. And now he starts lying We agreed over Skype that he would cover the entire account if a ban happens. I gave him accounts, I paid extra to have him resupply the bond and re-level the account in the case of a ban. And about the evidence of accounts getting banned, I'm on really shitty internet right now and I can't really load the runescape website, give me a few hours
  10. I purchased power leveling from this user at OSB a few times, and he completed the order without any problems (or so I thought). A day or so after completing the latest order, every single account I had every gotten power leveling on from this user got banned. None of the other accounts I was using (same day, same time, same script, same location, same method). I was unable to contact the user because it appeared he was banned on OSB, but it turns out I thought he was someone else (who did the exact same service for me and didn't get the accounts banned). The reason the chargeback did not seem to appear immediately is because it can take weeks for a chargeback to go through. I have proof that I contacted the card company a day after the bans happened, and I have proof of all the accounts getting banned on the same date, and proof that the others didn't. I've been botting on old school for months, and things like this don't just happen unless there is another factor involved.
  11. Can't even see that URL. I don't even know who you are, but I'm sure there was a reason behind it. Moral of the story is that you screwed up somehow, if I knew your username at OSB, I'd be able to tell you how. I've used PayPal numerous times on Tribot and I've never had any problems (and OSB too). Maybe you have some kind of personal vendetta against me, whatever, but I strongly suggest you get your priorities straight if you're willing to spend effort over such a petty amount (I don't have any disputes over $150 on my paypal). Oh and offsite "offenses" aren't bannable on tribot.
  12. Please update the onion ID. Script doesn't work because it keeps on trying to collect onions. (Prince Ali Rescue)
  13. I gave you constructive criticism, and you wrote this. If you don't want to listen to me, that's fine. But don't hype yourself up over something that is really simple to do, and definitely don't treat the people who are giving you advice like trash - especially when you're clearly lacking in more ways than one and are in desperate need for advice.
  14. Just a friendly word of advice, nobody will take you seriously with the amount of spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and things like this: in your post.
  15. Snipplets: - Not any respectable ones Tutorials: n/a Randoms/updates submitted: n/a Scripts available to the public: - fPlunder [https://github.com/Flexx/plunder] [https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34688-thieving-fast-xp-fplunder-pyramid-plunder-r/#entry419919] - Wildy Yew Chopper [https://github.com/Flexx/wildyyews] [https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35918-fwildy-yews-resource-area-yew-chopper/] - Tab Maker [http://pastebin.com/XtdtSS5F] []https://tribot.org/forums/topic/33457-free-varrock-tab-maker-open-source/] ^ Please shield your eyes from some of the code here, I updated everything and then my computer crashed and I really can't see myself doing it all over again for an instaban script Short biography / Coding Experience: As you might recall in my last application, my name's Jack. I've been interested in computers from a very young age, and obviously when I discovered the internet I was hooked. I'd been playing Runescape for years, and 2 years ago when I discovered the Runescape botting scene, I immediately wanted to learn how to create these emotionless machines. Once I discovered RSBuddy, I attempted to learn how to write scripts. Unfortunately, I went the route of copy and pasting snippets into my script in an attempt to make them all work. My Frankensteinesque creation was awful to say the least. Then I discovered tribot. After a few weeks of playing around with it, I began to write scripts. I'm very confident with my abilities, and I love a good challenge. I love a good laugh, and I love making people laugh. I've also got a slightly annoying ability to piss people off that I don't like - something that I try to curb as best I can Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: I think I'm qualified for scripter because I'm confident that I'll be able to further the community and create bots to the best of my ability. I know I'm not perfect, as you could probably tell by some of my scripts. I try my best to improve these areas in which I struggle in, and I look forward to all critiques and room for improvement. Although the general mindset here seems to be quality of code over quality of script, I try my best to make sure my scripts work as well as they can with appropriate code. What you plan to provide the community with: There isn't much room to be original here. Obviously scripts, support, and personality. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Yes Do you agree to follow the terms found here if you ever release a premium script? Yes EDITS: wastedbro: deluxes has 3 scripts. Most of them don't work. His only interaction in the forums is accepting private script requests. Let's try to keep things fair druid: lol, "Looking further", that was the last script on my application and I already said that it was poor quality. i'd get angry but i know the reason why ur voting no is not because of the quality of my code
  16. [fWildy Yews] - Chop with Style! Chops yews in the resource area, and notes the logs. - PLEASE LEAVE BUG REPORTS BELOW REQUIREMENTS: - Coins to note the logs - A rune axe BUGS/FEATURES: - Does NOT avoid PKers - I understand that the chances that you are going to get pked is like 99%, I'm planning on just creating an AIO resource area harvester with anti-pk support soon. - No deathwalking atm - Re-enters arena if it is somehow left WHERE TO GET: - TRiBot Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/714 - Source code: https://github.com/Flexx/wildyyews Changelog: - V1.0 - Initial release I never had an account to test the script with so obviously it will run a lot better if I can find one.
  17. I think you should include how STUPIDLY SIMPLE it is to track walking patterns. When they uploaded the botting heat map, it was hilarious to see that the heat dots literally followed the path for a nature crafter on tribot to the exact tile. In WoW, I'm pretty sure they use paths to detect bots, so it wouldn't be stupid to say that jagex is doing the same. Randomized paths #1
  18. why am i not surprised
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