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  1. I provided you with the rest of the 5 accounts the next day. That is why I gave you more time. And your worker told me that he was doing master farmers. I also allotted you more time because some of the accounts were not at 45 thieving. As I said before, I'd be ok with a refund on the accounts that aren't completed. Although it may be possible for me to get a full refund, I'd rather resolve this quickly.
  2. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/user/70565-trustmybet/?tab=feedback Date: March 8th, 2014 Feedback left: -1, Tried to threaten me because he didn't read the TOS. Dont do service for him. Why should it be removed: I opened a dispute and action was taken against both parties. His ToS do not override the tribot ToS. If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):
  3. Scammer's Username: BAWSZ Link to Scammer's TriBot Profile: https://tribot.org/forums/user/37237-bawsz/?tab=feedback&st=20 Chat/Discussion Methods: Chat Username(If Applicable)*: http://gyazo.com/7e6c81dedae903c7da436e099f480429 Describe in detail in your words what happened: > I needed 45-65 thieving done > he said it would be 27.5m for 10 accounts > he said it would be 3-5 hours > it has been 5 days Evidence**: proof of agreement: *THESE WERE TAKEN ON MONDAY MARCH 10th http://gyazo.com/6f2727a2021efa566f1700d0a8e6a779 proof of payment: (i can provide video evidence if need be) http://gyazo.com/a635f4580e69aab2875bd7e4b27755d4 Other: He ignored the time constraint
  4. i dont care if it takes 8 hours you need to tell me if you cant follow through on the commitment before you take my money
  5. invisible mode, and its totally my responsibility to check that
  6. and yet you failed to tell me when I traded over 2m, nice1
  7. you posted in your "evidence" that michael says he will have it done by 12. I then finally pmed you very late, which isn't ok, but you TOOK the money without even telling me the worker would not be able to follow through. you set a timeframe that I would pay for and broke it. And now you're refusing to refund. the reality is i couldnt give less of a fuck about 2m, and i've love to see this backfire on you for lying and breaking a commitment
  8. Flexx

    This work?

    i fixed it, should be:
  9. + = totally respectable forum member
  10. don't we have a rule about not putting [legit] or [#1] on runescape services? It's the same idea here
  11. not only did i not say anything negative about your service, but you are also getting completely off topic. obviously you haven't learned anything from your trade with caution so i'd spend some time reflecting on why that pretty little yellow badge is under your name
  12. you do realize that there is absolutely no reason for him to be telling you the truth besides principle maybe
  13. and that's totally why sellers should be able to put [verified], [fresh], and [private] around their selling threads, because they totally know if that's true or not EDIT: ^ covers your edit
  14. Recently there are have been quite a few complaints about the credibility of proxies received from various sellers on this forum. I'm fairly certain that 99% of the "sellers" just buy them off providers from google, and just bow out of any question as to whether the proxies are unflagged or not. It's really simple to figure out where a certain proxy comes from, so I suggest banning the reselling of proxies from any other source besides your own. e.g. You may not buy from a provider and sell to users on this forum OR You may NOT claim proxies are fresh unless you have personally created them and can back up your statement Why? Because it's disgusting to see people claim their proxies are 1337 and legit and unflagged when they have absolutely no idea how a proxy even works or how to make one. It also hurts the community and people are pulled into the claim of fresh unflagged proxies, when in truth the seller has no idea whether the proxies are flagged or not. The ones who actually put some time into researching what a proxy is will easily figure how to make them themselves to get around my proposed rule. And then they will be sure the IP is unflagged.
  15. add my skype: ajwillis42
  16. this has actually happened once to me before back in july
  17. what does collecting birthday cakes do
  18. Has the CPU usage been fixed?
  19. this was poorly thought out, threatening to ddos isn't tolerated here
  20. bit too specialized to ask trilez to write a world hopper, but that would be cool
  21. "No response from login server" - occurs when net goes out, if you set this to just keep trying it would prevent a script failure "Error connecting" - occurs when net goes out, if you set this to just keep trying it would prevent a script failure "This is a high risk world" - Maybe have an option in settings, this might go out as I'm sure a scripter could write something to solve this "Too many logins from this address" - not sure why this happens, but it goes away in about 5 minutes Would be great to see support for these messages
  22. Flexx


    i fucking wish i was as cool as him
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