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  1. yohojo answers once per 2 days, nice. Havent been able to buy some proxies for a long time. Good business!
  2. support bot panel should have a separate apssword also
  3. matteb

    Bat Account Creator

    if this thing would skip tutorial and run to ge and talk to ge manager this would be worth shitloads edit: tried out wont click create free account, fails all the time fix and premium
  4. having also heap size problem cant run no more than few hours trilez theres a memoryleak and it wasnt there before running the same script but now have the problem
  5. Stock:50m ATM Payment method:Paypal i go first to whoever is trusted in my opinion Price:2.5$/mil PM for skype
  6. MOST IMPORTANT PLAYER CONTENT POLL | VOTE YES FOR THE GRAND EXCHANGE IN OLD SCHOOL http://www.oldschool.PHISHING_LINKrs.co.vu//m=poll/c=pLigTZaqMtO/vote.ws?id=7278

  7. There is NO decent spinner. ALl of them fail and misclick horribly. If someone could make a premium one or even a free one that is working
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