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  1. Well when I login to the client it still shows purchase VIP which I am and the looking glass feature is still disabled.
  2. I can't login into my tribot account on the 4.0.4 client, my login info is nulled the client loads but not my account profile because of the args. Here is the console log.
  3. Hello, this is a project for school and I would love it if you guys could spare a minute filling the survey out honestly. The reason I am posting this is because I am kind of rushing this assignment and need a lot of surveys to be completed. If you did the survey honestly THANK YOU. http://goo.gl/forms/NJaNA5r6DB9ObYOQ2
  4. Gl with the service man EDIT: Just notice it was transparent my bad. xD
  5. Ponzi

    Debugging tools

    So here are some useful debugging tools that I use from time to time which should help you guys understand more about a process's memory, process's threads and give you a general idea of how does a process work. IDA: Debugging files on the three platforms IDA natively runs on (i.e., Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) is straightforward, and thanks to the power of remote debugging servers, it is possible to enable debugging of any executable, from any platform! https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/debugger/ Ollydbg x32/x64: OllyDbg is a 32-bit/ 64-bit assembler level analysing debugger for M
  6. @TacoManStan Yea forgot to change it back after the thread about C++ vs Java. xD
  7. Well maybe I have put the skill level a little bit low and you are right they would need to know quite a bit about memory. This was not pulled off a site but yea this has been done so many times it's almost over kill but since no one has posted in this section yet I am trying to probe the knowledge of the users on this forum.
  8. So guys this is a simple way to hook and debug functions. The use of this is that we can edit functions to your liking and modify the parameters and return values of them. With slight modifications you can modify any function to your liking too. I have put in a lot of comments that should help, hope someone has use of this. Also if you guys are interested in learning anything comment. Skill level required: 3/10 #include <Windows.h>#include <iostream>DWORD getAPI(char *Dll, char* API){ return (DWORD)GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandleA(Dll), API); //Get the module base address the
  9. The large problem is that I don't know what to post on this forum, I mostly do code unethical programs that might be frowned upon here.
  10. pWine Hello Triboter's this is my first script released to the public and would like as much feed back as possible on future scripts! Planning to re-code this later on with more efficient code and plan to release more scripts in the future. Features: Profit can range from 70-100k depends on prices. ABCL possibly 10 didn't add up the points. Makes Wines Fills Jugs (Supported locations G.E, Falador West Bank) Drinks Jugs of wine and bad wines
  11. Ponzi


    Not sure if this is true, filled over 200k jugs but it's around 20k I get a ban. I will make my script public, you make roughly 70-100k/hr filling jugs but prices are very likely to drop like it did before.
  12. Ponzi


    Would you want it to also fill it too?
  13. Well, but almost all C++ compiler's would compile C so you just use C++ to make your life easier in most situations.
  14. You are completely wrong with the statement of "anything", it's a whole other world in programming. Getting into drivers, diving into Ring0 of Windows/Linux is very interesting, but that's sad to hear most people here aren't interested in a great language.
  15. Exactly, also it's true You can if you wanted to do so. Well unlike java you can do anything with C++, never interested in making games, viruses, multi platform software, reversing applications anything? Native languages are limitless...
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