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  1. Ponzi

    One Dollar Proxies

    Nope not used and by buying in bulk, but just want to get a feel how many I should get before buying a few subnet's.
  2. Ponzi

    One Dollar Proxies

    Hello Tribot members I am just wondering how many users would be interested in getting 1$ Proxies, I am going to have a promotion soon and wondering how big of an IP block I should buy.
  3. You can try this if your ISP will give you a new IP, unplug your router for 4-5mins and then reboot it. You should be reassigned to new IP, if not you can always buy a proxy. Hope this helps
  4. Someone else I know is experiencing this problem it's not just you buddy
  5. The "human mouse thingy" is implemented into the client, meaning it's already used so you don't need to enable anything it's just more human like mouse movement. This explains more in depth: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44743-human-mouse-implementation/
  6. Try this, click View->Runtime Information and it should so you if your are using a proxy and it's IP.
  7. No, if their time ran out we end the service for that IP. If you order with us we setup a brand new VPS with a brand new IP for each proxy.
  8. It's true when the site gets hit I get the SQL error once in a while ill take a SS next time.
  9. There are numerous things that could be upgraded(if it's not already) use Litespeed and SPDY, if Cloudflare is doing a poor job mitigating the attacks then use Incapsula for Layer 7 with Cloudflare. Yes you are right, not prevent but mitigatied.
  10. I disagree it can be prevented if using the right services which may cost a bit of money but can prevent the site to slow down as much as it does.
  11. Yea do what Phat Shock said, keep calling them calling them, 100 times if needed and eventually they will get fed up and unlock or you might get lucky on a few tries.
  12. No, none of these are recycled and are brand new servers for each proxy, we do not rebuy the same server sell them to our users. When we mean we are located in Dallas that mean that our VPS's are hosted in a reliable data center, this insures great network speed and up time. If you have anymore questions you can add me on Skype, prevents the thread to get spamed.
  13. Nice, wondering how much are you making?
  14. Looking forward for "AdvancedWalking", hopeful trilez could add that into the API. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50931-advancedwalking-next-gen-navmesh-pathfinderwalker/
  15. That's not the issue let's say you are on the west side of the GE and you want it to walk to the fountains it would randomly click outside the walls and run all the way around the GE.
  16. There seems to be an issue with web walking in the grand exchange, when you are in the middle it goes the correct path but if you are not it will go an extremely long path around it. Is this just me or is it a problem with the API? The script I am making requires it to go to the fountains to the east and back inside the G.E, I rather use web walking but it seems to be unreliable sometimes.
  17. I can help you out PM me if you are interested.
  18. Checking just the animation is not the best way of doing a task like this, you should check the objects current state and add a dynamic sleep. A helpful tutorial:
  19. Yea trying to buy the bot for the first time and it just refunded me too, my paypal account is verified.
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