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  1. I'm using house teleports for abyss at the moment, and the script teleported to my POH when it accidently clicked on the portal and it took the account outside. The script spam clicked the portal to get back into the house for short of a minute until I clicked the chat dialogue for the script. Luckily I was watching or else I probably would have came back to it hours later to it still clicking the portal. If you could look into this I would greatly appreciate it, otherwise abyss works pretty well. Thanks.
  2. defqon_1

    07 rs gp.

    Assume 1m/3.10$. 50*3.10 = 155$ dollars to pounds is 94 GBP?
  3. GE with no limits please edit: they've been trying to combat bots for years and have failed, i'm not too worried.
  4. The VPS ip was definately flagged, I can't think of any other reason.
  5. Yes, yes you can. Just need to connect to them through your computer and not the client.
  6. lol I can't A Friend randomly ran into this, pretty funny
  7. I would say you are completely fine, even if that was an email from Jagex (which I highly doubt) - I wouldn't think they would flag your IP for more than a few weeks.
  8. I don't think it matters that you logged into the client, I don't see how they would have a way of tracking that and I've done it plenty of times without a ban. There has to be another method that they are using?
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