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  1. i get this whenever i run tribot. [20:56:50] TRiBot Release 9.211_5 loaded. (1.7.0_67:C:\Program Files\Java\jre7)[20:56:51] Loading human mouse movement data.[20:56:51] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found.
  2. ummm tribot doesn't have a database about RS accounts though ?? very little they can do with tribot accounts and these things are very rare
  3. don't bot on account and it will be safe ......i.p flag exists however there is no thing like i.p ban
  4. i have no words on this update!!!!!!
  5. let's be honest , G.E is pretty much a paradise for mass farmers but i don't see g.e getting polled any time soon , the poll will pass easily with above 85% of votes , its just the time when it will pass ... it is on list of jagex but they r lazy asses and who knows wat they release ,as they say it will be "a solution to trading problems like g.e " so u never know they come up with some dumb idea like they did with minigames
  6. it has been said a dozen of times that they will not develop any anti bot technology for merching bots because a new trading system will eliminate these bots once and for all , but now they have bot watch on merch bots too so i m guessing they will develop something related to the current trading system (i,e bots can take advantage of it , unlike G.E) . but that's just a theory like all the 1bill theories on "how jagex ban bots " etc
  7. nop i think its the reverse , that's why they r doing this
  8. buying all 260 ea , add me on skype
  9. any attempts / future plans on making webwalking random or perhaps adding a offset to tiles? atm it is very hard to bot skills that require walking , unless u make your own random paths.
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