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  1. Currently buying up to 2.5b 07! Rates depend on the amount of gold being sold! High level/stake trading available! Msg my one and only discord: Car#5346
  2. Car

    Selling 260m

    Can do BTC at .70/m not going first let me know
  3. might try this sometime soon.
  4. *3B Currently in Stock* Rates depend on how much you are buying. High level accounts/stake trading available! My ONLY discord: Car#4535 * Always PM on site to confirm*
  5. Same issue, someone help!
  6. Please update the bakers stall. When attacked by a guard it runs west and take like 30 seconds to get back to the stall. You should make it so it only has to take 2 steps east so it can go back to the stall in 2 seconds verses 30.
  7. Great script. But can you please make black salamanders more efficient currently only getting 60k an hour. Should be 90k+
  8. Yea this is a beautiful, flawless script!
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