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  1. Hello Einstein, I am wondering if this script can fish karambwans on ironman using either zanaris banking method or ardy cloak. If so let me know
  2. Hello, If I do not have all the unlocks for herb,allotment,flower such as farming guild. How can I make it take farming guild and harmony out of my run?
  3. Awesome glad to hear! How many hours would you run per day? Any blackjack setting tips? Thanks Awesome glad to hear! How many hours would you run per day? Any blackjack setting tips? Thanks
  4. Oh great to hear! May I ask what parts are uncompleted? Or is it fully complete and just in beta? Should I expect to run into issues or is it mostly flawless? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone and Ark, Tribot client is undetectable right now correct? Thanks
  6. hey @Tivia can I bot without a proxy and still avoid bans? Or is that part essential?
  7. Hello, I am thinking of buying this script to use for Barb fishing on my iron. I was just wondering how the ban rates are right now as I have not botted in 5 years. Also if caught barb fish botting would it be 2 day ban or perm ban? Just wondering if I should buy this script for my iron main or just afk fish over a couple months. Let me know your thoughts on botting in 2021 and this script! Any input is greatly appreciated
  8. This is a big vouch for @Ark this script is amazing. I am 100k away from 91 slayer about 95% botted from 70 slayer. Look forward to hopefully getting 99 Slayer with this script The anti-ban on this script is absolutely the best I have ever encountered, keep it up!~
  9. Hello Ark, do you know when the new anti-profiling and stability improvements will be made live and are the improvements significant enough that I should hold off botting until this update is live? Thanks
  10. Script is great but when doing ice trolls it banks via ring of dueling and then using fairy rings and this that basically wastes 10 mins every trip when there is a bank 30 seconds away. In rare occasions where bank is so so close to the target killing spot is it possible to override banking options and just use the bank right beside the monsters? Also could we have option to use protection prayers on ice troll task. It is not on the list. Or at least switch to Fremmy Shield to take less damage. Thanks Ark
  11. Hello I was wondering if I start script with full guthans on will it just click once every 15 mins to avoid logging off and thats it? I am looking to run on my main so want as little input possible. Let me know thanks!
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