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  1. What is the most afk option setup currently? @Naton
  2. Hello I was wondering if I start script with full guthans on will it just click once every 15 mins to avoid logging off and thats it? I am looking to run on my main so want as little input possible. Let me know thanks!
  3. Since 10-20 mins ago my tribot LG will not find my client. Was working 1 hour ago. Any suggestions?
  4. Hey guys, My main account that is currently around 1800 total level recieved a 2 day ban about 3-4 years ago. This ban is no longer on my offence list and has been moved to quashed/expired bans. I was wondering if I was to bot non gold farm methods on this account just as buyable 99s for 4-6 hours per day. Would my next ban be a temporary ban again as my old offence got moved to the quashed/expired section. Or should I be expecting a perm ban the next ban. Thanks
  5. Came back to my script doing this. I was just wondering if there is any risk associated with this behaviour and if I should avoid botting for a few days? Thoughts? Debug: 15:47:05 [Task Management] Task we have been assigned is: Skeletal Wyverns 15:51:05 [No Activity Failsafe] We didn't gain XP for too long, logging out to save your account. 15:52:07 Login bot started. 15:52:07 Login Bot: Login... 15:52:18 Login bot succeeded. 15:57:22 Login bot started. 15:57:22 Login Bot: Login... 15:57:33 Login bot succeeded. 16:02:37 Login bot started. 16:02:37 Login Bot: Login... 16:02:47 Login bot succeeded. 16:07:52 Login bot started. 16:07:52 Login Bot: Login... 16:08:02 Login bot succeeded. 16:13:07 Login bot started. 16:13:07 Login Bot: Login... 16:13:17 Login bot succeeded. 16:18:22 Login bot started. 16:18:22 Login Bot: Login... 16:18:33 Login bot succeeded. 16:23:38 Login bot started. 16:23:38 Login Bot: Login... 16:23:48 Login bot succeeded. 16:28:53 Login bot started. 16:28:53 Login Bot: Login... 16:29:04 Login bot succeeded. 16:34:09 Login bot started. 16:34:09 Login Bot: Login... 16:34:20 Login bot succeeded. 16:39:25 Login bot started. 16:39:25 Login Bot: Login... 16:39:36 Login bot succeeded.
  6. @ZyteOG How many hours per day you running on main? Ive been doing 3ish on my main but thinking of bumping upto 4-5 just curious what others do. Cheers
  7. Posting a loot picture if thats okay. Imbued heart on my level 70 account that has been using ark slayer since 40 combat. Always unlock superior monsters ASAP, if I saved for slayer helm first I wouldn't have gotten this. https://imgur.com/a/p1ni49w
  8. Has anyone gotten banned using this script? If so how much did you abuse it? I have only been running it around 4 hours per day each on my 2 accounts and it has been running flawlessly. With different tasks everyday and going all over the map it appears this script has lower ban rate than most, was just wondering how many hours/day others run the script. Cheers
  9. If anyone is having issues with the script and would like a bit of assistance I can help over disord. I am currently running the script on 3 accounts with no issues. I have helped 2 people out already so dont be shy!
  10. 2 Quick Questions @Ark I am just wondering if you reccomend having the following options turned on or off. 1) Close bank with esc 2) High level alchemy turned on or off Just looking to get the most optimal settings as I plan on running this script for awhile, thanks!
  11. I also vouch for ark slayer it is actually so insanely good that I cannot even explain. Botting it on 2 fresh accounts that are already 50+ slayer aswell as on my main (only 2-3 hours max per day on my main) If you run this script less than 4 hours a day with 1 hour of manual gameplay per day the ban rate is very very low. Multiple 99 slayer accounts recorded.
  12. Question for @Ark I like to play about 2 hours per day on my account and bot 3-4ish to keep some manaul input and lower the heat on the account. I am curious if you think playing LMS for 2 hours a day is enough input to lower the ban chance or if you think skilling/questing would be much more beneficial. Just curious what you think as I don't have much OSRS knowledge. Thanks for your time mate
  13. Hello Ark, Love the script so far! Only two issues I am having. 1) Buying varrock tabs at GE every task when I have 200 in the bank. 2) Taking out stamina pot (1) when task is a far run away (in desert) and I have many stamina pot (4)s in the bank. Otherwise it has been flawless, I reccomend this to anyone looking to get some free slayer levels with the safest bot out there.
  14. Currently have 3 accounts I am manually putting 24-30 hours into getting 50/50/50 melee and doing a few quests and some other skills before running this script 4 hours/day on each account. I will keep you posted if any get banned but I have a good feeling about this scirpt @weizhen123
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