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  1. Hey guys, I have a script I'm working on that works perfectly for me. I have a private user who is testing it out for me, and webwalking is throwing a NPE: [13:04:35] State: TeleportToCW [13:04:41] State: Banking [13:04:41] java.lang.NullPointerException [13:04:41] at obf.Pc.Kd(ra:136) [13:04:41] at obf.rB.qa(db:91) [13:04:41] at obf.rB.xa(db:121) [13:04:41] at org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking.walkTo(kj:149) [13:04:41] at org.tribot.api2007.WebWalking.walkTo(kj:175) [13:04:41] at scripts.TexanFireRunner.I(TexanFireRunner.java:178) [13:04:41] at scripts.TexanFireRunner.run(TexanFireRunner.java:68) [13:04:41] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) The relevant lines from my script are: if (!BANK_LOC.isOnScreen()) { if (WebWalking.walkTo(BANK_LOC)) { if (!Timing.waitCondition(() -> BANK_LOC.isOnScreen(), 5000)) { return; } } } Line 178 is the WebWalking.walkTo call. Note that BANK_LOC is defined as an RSTile: RSTile BANK_LOC = new RSTile(2443, 3083, 0); I'm not really sure what's causing this, or why the webwalking works fine for me but not for another user. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!
  2. I really appreciate it, that’s very kind! I was really happy to come back and see see tribot thriving; I really looking forward to contributing!
  3. It's a crappy situation in general. Tribot has already refunded whoever it is (quite literally, years ago). Financially speaking, there's no difference in wiping the negative balance and me coming back to script than if I had never come back at all; the amount has already been paid out to whoever.
  4. Oof, boy that's rough to hear. I'm being asked to pay something I didn't even get a chance to dispute (and wasn't even aware of at the time)? The thing that sucks is that I was simply looking at getting back into free script development.. there's no money to be made there, so there's no way I'm going to pay $25 + the VIP for developing something for the community in my free time. I really hope that you all will reconsider. I spent a large number of hours on script development, and it's a shame that isn't even being considered for a measly $25.
  5. Thank you! Was there any further news on this?
  6. \o/ thanks y'all for the warm welcomes.
  7. Thanks for the response (and tagging the right person!). I'll admit, I'm not entirely sure where the negative balance came from, but it appears to be after my last payout as a scripter (which would make sense, given I wouldn't be able to withdraw more credit than I have). @Fluffee or @TRiLeZ would you be able to bring this up for discussion? Thanks!
  8. Hey y'all, blast from the past! I was a former scripter for a couple of years here. I made a number of scripts, but with the birth of my first child, grad school, and buying a home, I needed to leave. I'm now in a spot where I would love to come back and contribute, but unfortunately I can't even buy VIP because someone charged back a purchased script after my last cash out. This leaves me with a negative balance of $25 where I must first pay that in order to even get VIP to write free scripts for the community. Is it possible for that to be wiped so I can buy VIP and start scripting again? Thanks!
  9. Can't speak to how erick has implemented it, but ABC compliance is coded by Trilez, not by the scripter. This type of antiban isn't hardcoded, but adapts to your playing style. Not saying that your comment is/isn't valid, but if erick has ABC implemented (as I'm sure he does), then it's not really something the script can control.
  10. @bellic, just sounds like a misclick by the script (possibly due to lag, like you said). Directions for getting the script sig in on the front page.
  11. Try canceling your dream. Also, double check you have money in your coffers. Finally, what's the message Dom is saying when you talk to him? (Might need to hide the paint).
  12. @Pants what's the bot status? Also, you can get the id by tuning on object ids (debug -> objects -> interactive objects). @tiger, a lot of people do wizards, druids, ogres, etc.
  13. +1 to this, we use AngularJS at my work, seems to be getting more common. Bootstrap is used quite often, it would be worth your while to look into it.
  14. I think it helps if you can post the bot debug. Also, make sure you have enough gp in your coffers to start!
  15. @bel, I personally believe anything over 65/65/50 is enough to get started. A lot of botters elect for 70/70/70. @Pants, I'm sure zainy would appreciate it if you could provide the (current) id for the stairs, as well as the script status/client/bot debugs. Also, I believe how the save settings is set up, it's not possible to seaparate multiple account's equipments. Hope this helps!
  16. I said FYI because it's not my script anymore. I'm not managin it. I wasn't intentionally coming across as rude. But cheers, buddy.
  17. After over a year of service to TRiBot, it's my time to say farewell. I would like to thank everyone (customers, friends, etc) who have made my stay here quite enjoyable. I can honestly say that this has been quite the learning experience, and an honor to get to know you guys. I don't leave with any regrets-- my wife and I are expecting our first baby to be born in August, and I've been offered a great paying job across the state. I don't expect much time at all for extraneous activities. This being said, I leave my customers in good hands: As co-owner, Zainy will take over Ultimate Pest Control, Ultimate Metal Dragon Killer, and Ultimate Green Dragons. With even more experience at TRiBot than I, Zainy is fully equipped and able to take over. For my NMZ customers, Erickho will be the new owner. Erick has already had a hand in the NMZ script, from early on. I'm not much on speeches, especially since my computer restarted after I already wrote one out. TRiBot, you have offered me a year of friendship and learning, headaches and all-nighters. I'm forever grateful for the time I could spend here. Farewell friends, you will be missed.
  18. @ro: No clue on the actual level. I have camera, banking, and clicking/moving in accordance with ABCL. No it doesn't flick. I think you break even using ppots. No clue on ban rate. @cele: the client withdraw method is being used. If it's not withdrawing (saying you of supplies), it's a client bug.
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