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  1. Do i have to use trident? As im an ironman i do not own that yet, i can use other staffs like ibans and so. But the script keeps stopping because i do not own a trident.
  2. isnt working for me, just opens and closes the shop without buying anything and then hopping to the next world..
  3. [11:04:03] Script Started: LAN Thiever. [11:04:04] <:219d00>[Gui]: Loaded profile. [11:04:37] <:219d00>[Loot settings]: We will drop items that are worth less than 0 gp. [11:04:37] Disabled all randoms. [11:04:37] <:219d00>[Gui]: Dismiss randoms: false [11:04:37] <:219d00>[Gui]: Setting override eat: false [11:04:37] <:219d00>[Gui]: Saved profile settings. [11:05:23] Script Ended: LAN Thiever. It just stands there and idles, canceled the script myself manually.
  4. Cant get ardy Knights to run, it keeps saying GUI is open whenever i start. Also are ardy Knights only supported at Marketplace and not at the bank? Please help
  5. You posted ur username on rs ? Not very smart lol
  6. What xp/h rates are you getting? Im looting urns + chest in the two highest rooms (91+ Thieving.) And only getting 130k/h
  7. Does this support stealing gems at Tzhaar with the use of a gembag? If not could this be added its great gp/h and good for ironman.
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