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  1. Hi I have a question regarding instances, if I already have the 12 credit 1 permanent instance and purchase it again, will it override or will i get 2 instances?
  2. Hi, I just purchased the script ($12 single instance) and have tried running at MLM and just ores in Al Kharid to test it and it doesn't do anything. It idles after settings have been chosen. I've tried restarting the client and deleting cached clients like suggested, EDIT: While writing this it threw: [16:35:53] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0 However is still idling (Run time still incrementing).
  3. Good luck man. Interested to see your progress happen!
  4. Purchased the Novice farm and 2 proxies. Still setting things up but so far so good. Fast responses from the guys via their IM service on the website. Great customer service so far. Will update when everything is running. So far so good! Recommended. EDIT: Have run the recommended number of bots (4) for around 4-5 hours all up now. Everything works like a dream. Special shoutout to Andrew for being the absolute man and helping me set up everything. Thanks a bunch.
  5. Firstly, lovely script mate. Works like a dream! My only suggestion is, is there a way to use a leaf-bladed sword or the slayer dart spell to kill turoths instead of the spear? Because the spear gives shared exp, which is not a great thing on a zerker. Cheers!
  6. Hey mate, does super antipoison substitute the antipoison potions? because for my sea snakes task, it never withdrew a super antipoison.
  7. Hey JJ this is an amazing script and thanks a bunch for the use of it! I am however finding a few problems, such as when games end, it runs up to near the bank, to another boat, or to the far north where you enter the void outpost via the ship. It then gets stuck and doesn't go back to the PC boat. Hopefully you can fix these little things. But again, absolutely amazing mate.
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