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  1. Hey man, I'm trying to test the open beta, but when attempting to run the script, I get this debug https://pastebin.com/FwfwGT3Q Cleared my hooks & cache, GUI still doesn't show up
  2. I've used this for around 24 hours, I can't say that I've encountered a single bug from what I've noticed. You and your mum have done a great job with this script, it feels way too stable to be in the beta stage Few questions:- Would you consider adding item selling of valuable drops? Are there any supported arguments?
  3. The script just idles in the bank searching for the Potion(*). (Status: Banking) Doesn't end the script. I didn't seem to find any relevant debug messages about it searching for the (*) item, but i'll have another look next time it happens
  4. It did start this time, but very reluctantly. It froze for about 5 seconds before the GUI popped up https://gyazo.com/ae9a51a973a6dff32ef7854f3ef5f0ce Progressive mode and any pickaxe
  5. Doesn't seem to start for me either unfortunately. Using LG and tried with Args and without. [03:12:38] Script Started: Bbuu20's Miner BETA. [03:12:43] kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit property selectedTask has not been initialized [03:12:43] at scripts.bbuu20_miner.k.i.k(PlayerInfo.kt:61) [03:12:43] at scripts.bbuu20_miner.AIOMiner.k(AIOMiner.kt:156) [03:12:43] at scripts.bbuu20_miner.AIOMiner.run(AIOMiner.kt:51) [03:12:43] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [03:12:43] Script Ended: Bbuu20's Miner BETA.
  6. Also have noticed that it recognises Stamina Pots as Antifire's during battle, and will keep drinking it when the boost expires Also noticed that there is an intermittent issue with it picking up the cannon. It often tries 8 times then just tele's, leaving the cannon [00:10:59] Reloading cannon when there is 4 balls remaining. [00:11:17] Now looting Toadflax seed worth 1313 [00:13:18] Reloading cannon when there is 9 balls remaining. [00:16:17] Reloading cannon when there is 7 balls remaining. [00:17:08] We are attempting to solve the Dismissible Random rando
  7. Does this script support CLI arguments?
  8. Glad I could help Dorgeshuun crossbow with bonebbolts seems to be the standard go to for most people
  9. Hey bro, thanks for this script, great contribution I've been testing the script with Priest in Peril using Looking Glass, and I have a few bug reports:- Bug 1: Upon starting the quest, it will not progress the chat dialog with King Ronald, without human interraction. (This also happens when you return from killing the Dog). https://gyazo.com/98d4ed33fdd32b51fbf4a1ba915a5fff Maybe it needs a bigger sleep delay on waiting for the dialogue to appear Bug 2: On the first interraction with Drezel, it seems to not progress the chat dialogue https:/
  10. Ok great, thanks There's also an issue with it detecting free slots in the Grand Exchange https://gyazo.com/2e403bec2e0e35da7ecb725fc61cbb8a
  11. Ernest the Chicken basement:- https://pastebin.com/hJ09iqup https://pastebin.com/3JkC7ZZH Also keeps going through the same door in a loop:- https://gyazo.com/620c14dee183cb3c2af262fad658279a
  12. Problem running to the Quest Start to finish the Fight Arena quest https://gyazo.com/587f676e24fa1e9501533eb43400e35a https://pastebin.com/AjqAyUKE
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