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  1. Get your rune pouches and anything else you need in LMS through me. I'll do the fun work for you for 400k per point. I play pretty much everyday and will get your service done as fast as possible.If you're interested please add my discord: Botinftw#3734TERMS OF SERVICE:1. You must add my Discord and confirm you're talking to me through a Sythe PM.2. You must pay me before I start the service.3. You must not log on or change the password during the service unless discussed prior.4. I have the right to deny any service I wish.5. If the account gets muted/banned during the service no refunds will
  2. No longer looking for service. SIDE NOTE: I didn't get a friend request on discord. Be careful discord is cap sensitive please don't get scammed. Always make sure to ask for a PM on forums before doing any business
  3. message me on discord or here. My discord is Botinftw#3734
  4. Looking for barrows gloves/lunars completed on a fresh account. I want under 50 attack and the lowest prayer possible which I think is 15? Message me on here for prices as I don't use skype anymore. Can be botted as long as no bans are issued. Thanks
  5. 61 Crafting 10 Slayer 50 FM 55 WC 65 Magic 50 Agility 45 Herblore50 Smithing40 Ranged 53 Fishing 10 Fletching 70 Cooking60 Mining 53 Thieving On a fresh account can be botted as long as it's not banned at the end of your service. Message me via tribot with your price.
  6. message me and I can probably do a decent amount of it Edit; Don't use my skype don't go on it anymore
  7. that's gunna be a damn expensive service
  8. Need firecape on a 1 prayer 1 defence acc. has 90 range 83 hp
  9. 07 GP only, pm me on this, comment, or add my skype
  10. I ended up doing oak chairs until 50 and now it's working fine with a butler. what is the fastest method? the unoting method or banking one
  11. I have an issue with oak larders, I type everything in, it says right click hotspot and build object. I right click it build object and it doesn't do anything. I am using ring of duel/house tele method
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