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  1. Will the spoofed options be added?
  2. In my humble opinion, it's a big red flag. Same as when it deposits items by clicking on 5 instead of all. Here is an example, using Jagex's profiling system: my account for example has never entered the brackets when purchasing anything from GE. If the bot does that, their profiling system will most likely detect something is off and flag my account as a bot for future investigations; assuming Jagex also uses violation numbers, that one flag is being added into the overall violation number until the account is banned. Same goes for when depositing items using numbers instead of all (which I always do).
  3. @ArkI am testing your script and have a question: why is it typing the brackets for some items when purchasing on GE, e.g prayer potion (4)? Who does that? No legit player does that. It is incredibly bot-like imo.
  4. That is weird. I manually playing on an account on Tribot client and I have received zero bans. Seems like Jagex detected too many accounts from your IP, and most likely chain-banned your accounts.
  5. No wonder you get banned... you're too obvious:
  6. Can you even read? Anyways, issue fixed now.
  7. At this day and age when Jagex is on full banning power? None.
  8. Why would you lie? Giving wrong information about bans is what sets the downfall of a trustability.
  9. Think of it this way: how much are you able to do hunter manually? Jagex's anti-bot system always assumes human behavior. If you're botting on a main I would say that max. 30 mins of hunter botting and then move on to another activity. It's not possible for a human to do hunter for more than an hour at least, your fingers would break as it's a click-intensive skill. Even if you grind hunter manually for hours on end, you'd take small breaks (mini-breaks / afking).
  10. Mindblowing how that is still not sorted considering I brought up same issue 2 years ago...
  11. That's weird. I have been suiciding an account and it's yet to be banned. Could you provide more information on your setup?
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