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  1. Hey Ark. task currently brings way too much stuff on a wyvern trip. Also I’m not sure why it bring expeditious bracelets on this task because it is a great moneymaker. And it brings 2 bracelets. Can this be a toggle option? Also rune pouch support would be sick
  2. Ya this clicking on the minimap thing, opening the bank, closing the bank is way too sketchy for me to keep running this script. I remember having problems with it when I first purchased it like a year ago. But I am definitely not risking it, it’s so obvious my character is botting
  3. script is so sus. using progressive mode at guards and it is clicking the minimap attempting to run away everytime it gets stunned. concerned
  4. Will this script use jewelry that isn’t fully charged? I have over 50 ring of wealth (4) and would like to decrease that number a bit if possible
  5. Liking the script so far, having an issue at ice trolls right now cannoning. The bot eats food constantly to keep four spots open for the cannon. So much loot is being picked up so quickly that the bot goes through all the food. That’s fine don’t really care, the issue is that instead of walking to the bank 20 seconds away - it instead teleports to the enclave and proceeds to take 5 mins to get back to the spot. Is there a setting I could change that would prevent this or is it something that can be fixed?
  6. alaxe

    Invalid Token

    Tried again and got another one too. Tried mobile and it worked. Idk what the hell is goin on with this site
  7. alaxe

    Invalid Token

    I did try that, I think it has to be something to do with google chrome. When I used a different browser it worked fine. Wonder what the fix for that it, any ideas? Clear cache?
  8. alaxe

    Invalid Token

    I have been trying to by Natons NMZ script for a while now. I've done what was suggested by one of the staff here...pressing buy now, doesn't make a difference. I haven't tried with other scripts, so I don't know if that's the issue. Can someone please look into this because it's been like this for a while now. It would be awesome if your website would take my money like it always used to! The last time I tried to purchase I was billed 3 times and refunded. This time I've tried twice and hopefully I get the refund on those as well. I'm hesitant to buy scripts anymore because I don't know if (
  9. I tried that and still got the invalid token message, now I have 3 preauthorized payments taken from my bank account as preauthorized payments. Whats going to happen when/if they go through? only wanted one 30 day use of natons nmz script but there's three now lol edit: all charges refunded
  10. Im not even getting a confirmation email So I literally have no way of getting the bot started. I can log on the auth0 on the forums that’s about it. No confirmation email.
  11. So like the title says I will put damascus and/or obsidian on all your guns and save them as a blueprint. I charge 25 USD for damascus/obsidian or 40 USD for both. For the first couple trades I make I will put damascus/obsidian on a couple of your guns as proof before payment, and finish the rest after I recieve. Inbox me here or on discord Scuffed#5165
  12. I tried doing all this and still feel like somethings up. Only does around 3K steel bars per hour whereas the wiki says you should be able to get 4.5-5.5k bars completed per hour.
  13. Running the trial version, it is not looting any of the chests or sarcophagus.... Edit: Nevermind got it sorted
  14. What about if the account is kicked out upon receiving the sceptre and it drops on the floor, will the bot drop something in its inventory to pick it up?
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