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  1. But....today's the 11th O_O Haha great update. Glad to see your guys hard work is paying off. Also looking forward to the insane progress reports now due to less random interference.
  2. After the script gets it little bugs and the client itself works out randoms...I'll try my hardest to get you a 99fm proggy. Plan on getting an untrimmed FM Cape eventually
  3. How much longer until this script is charged the full $15? I plan on purchasing it but wont have the money until ~Sunday. Think it'll still be in beta then?
  4. Interesting, and cheap. What was the exp/hour like on this when you had ~60 mining?
  5. Any chance you could add routes that go to each farming patch? Would be very convenient
  6. Everyone that's having a problem with banking: Earlier this morning OSRS updated, which in turn broke the overall bots banking abilities. Idk if it's a change in id's or what, but this script isn't the only one having problems.
  7. What do you suggest for Real Money transfers? I understand Paypal can be charged back, so what would be a safe alternative to selling our ingame wealth for rl currency?
  8. A minimum $5 CAD. Isn't that Donor instead of Sponsor?
  9. But you're non-vip? J/W, why don't you (OP) post the script price on this thread? EDIT: Nvm. I think the 1m 07 rsgp is the price...Some-what unclear on that.
  10. Is there any way an Advertiser rank could be implemented like what was mentioned in https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=333?
  11. Nice! Glad someone made this. Thank you sir, will definitely use this a lot.
  12. Hey. I have a little over a mil I would like to sell to you. I don't have skype though, any way we could do the trade through PM?
  13. Sounds like the site tbh. Maybe you caught the server's at a bad time? Definitely should try again. If it still doesn't work, I'm sure a mod would be more than willing to help you.
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