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  1. trust me, a script wich responds to [skill] lvl? and just answering the right level and like, bot? i hate botters etc and some other sentences makes botting 90% more safe. they mostly flag people when they're getting reports and the only way getting reports is by swearing or by ignoring. they might think you actually are a botter and report. imo this script is perfect it helped me alot to bot for atleast 2 years straight, no ban nothing happened
  2. Hello guys, ima write it down shortly what i exactly mean with autoresponder, i've been botting before eoc in runescape back in the time using powerbot. they had a awesome script called autoresponder wich responds to the most common sences like: str lvl? agil lvl? or if someone says hi or hey or something else. in my oppinion this script actually kept me unbanned. i still got the old source of it tho, but im not a scripter and dont know how to fix it for tribot. i think this script will be a great improvement for botters. it just makes u clean from reports im totally secure about that. have
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