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  1. When you add a new price checking feature give the users an option to toggle between the current method and the new hybrid method. I suspect the manual price checking will have a higher banrate in the long run since it gives jagex a lot more data to work on.
  2. 1. A barrows script is much needed. The combat part is not that significant and you need like a flat 60 melee account with 60 range. 3-4 quests. Add as many user-defined properties as reasonably possible - it will do half the anti-ban work for you. 2. So far we have had little to none of scripts that let the user train many different stats via the same script. Multi-skill botting is useful for those who want to get their mains trained without bans and also for goldfarmers who are prepping/"humanising" their users for various tasks. I'd definitely buy it to easily train up custom accounts before the money making begins. It enables me to avoid any 3rd party services which carry costs + security risks. Training agility or wc alone for hours on end is asking for a ban. But training many stats 20-40min at a time + frequent breaks is what makes it very hard for jagex to profile us. I've made some crude experiments on my own and I can say this is effective. Once again, the more users can tweak the script properties (what stat, what method, how long, breaks, training order of stats and many-many-many more), the better we can stay under the radar. This is a lot of work, my scripting skills are way too primitive to make a good and stable script for this task. Yours on the other hand...
  3. The duel arena "solution" is an epic fail. I've always transferred gp via having the buyer offer an even amount and turning off auto-retaliate + just standing there til my mule gets killed by the buyer. Some ppl dont trust that, i know. But thats what increments are for :p.
  4. l6bus tank


    Bump. Why is this being ignored?
  5. l6bus tank


    I posted this 10 days ago and there has been 0% improvement on the matter. Could I please get my credits back? I deem it highly unlikely that the scripter will do anything about the problem. E: Also, please remove the script from script repository so that people wont waste money on a broken product. @Usa
  6. l6bus tank


    I see Netami has been online in the meanwhile. Have there been any developments regarding this problem or none? If none then what next?
  7. l6bus tank


    1. Script Author: Netami 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 30 days 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): 6. Issue(s): the script has fatal bugs (detailed here: ) that have not been addressed and were present + reported by users since at least Oct 18. The scripter has been inactive since Oct 18 and the script still has those same bugs. I very much prefer an effective update but if nothing changes then I'd like my credits back.
  8. Should have read the last few posts before buying . Are you still maintaining this script or not? Because if you're not then plz have it removed from the repository. I am also experiencing the bugs that nylout described :/ To anyone considering: Do not buy this script atm as it has fatal flaws causing your account to get stuck forever + probably banned if you notice too late.
  9. There have been big problems with loading data from OSBuddy exchange for about a month now and its really eating into peoples profits . More specifically the various price graphs that the script requests are not retrieved. If you look at bot debug you will see a ton of messages about error 500/502/504/520 when the script (unsuccessfully) tries to use the OSBuddy API.
  10. Is there any way to improve the situation with osbuddy API problems? I see some of my accounts performing us usual and some performing absolutely awfully. The awful-normal status changes every day but I havent figured out if there is anything I can do :/
  11. Has anyone else been getting absolute shit profits lately? I havent changed anything but some of my accounts drop below 100k/hr or even below 50k/hr line now. The same ones used to stay happily above 200-250k/h just 2-3 weeks ago.
  12. Still unable to use this script. Has the fix been posted or is it delayed to some distant future?
  13. Any news about the update? Doesnt look like much was changed but no login means no breaks and for many that means no botting
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