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  1. what are the chances of botting 70/70/70 to maxed? botting 5-10 hours a day?
  2. you will still get the 8-10 min log wait after hopping for awhile hopefully they get rid of this soon im doing runite rocks
  3. im not profiting at all just from runes is this normal? im using 63 range in the 80s magic 52 prayer 60 defence not using prayer guthan torag veracs set up is a trident and magic short bow (i)
  4. the bot just left the loot on the ground a teleported without picking it up
  5. same account is still going strong at the tzhaar mine xd
  6. post discord and prices bellow
  7. Hello i am now maxing my main and currently doing afk skills so i thought i would do some services for people so i can make some gold and have something else to do. my discord is kelton#8819
  8. ive sold to tons of websites never had a problem
  9. hello i am coming back to osrs after getting cleaned i am looking to do powerleveling questing and minigames
  10. post your offers bellow i bought the game and i dont like it
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