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  1. All of fossil island is mapped excluding the swamp. There is navigation to the naturally accessible areas of the swamp, but the rest of the swamp should be handled without daxwalker as it is not at really a good use case for daxwalker. (the paths are not static)
  2. Can you let me know which teleport you are referring to? This one? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Arceuus_Library_Teleport
  3. Please provide the full request and the response from your bot debug if you are having issues. I just double checked and I am able to generate a path through that area.
  4. Please be sure to grab today's update or your walker will likely not behave properly. https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine/commit/0bfe06ad7bc09ba021b244e8059c478215fad95d
  5. Hi Adam, I am looking through your CannonAlcher script and will provide some feedback below. RSGroundItem[] lootlist = GroundItems.findNearest("Torstal seed", "Snapdragon seed", "Ranarr seed", "Long bone", "Curved bone"); You have a typo and would miss any "Torstol seed" drops. This isn't really an issue that reflects upon your coding, but it is a fairly major mistake as that is the most valuable item in the list. private boolean needsToLoot() { if (!lootingEnabled || Inventory.isFull() || getHpPercent() <= eatAt) { return false; }
  6. Added Ruins of Unkah as well as the ferry + shantay passes to get there. Update should be live on the server next time that Dax deploys.
  7. It does not support mythical capes sorry. I will be re-writing this script and it will stay as a free community script. I plan to support pretty much every common training method.
  8. Can you please send me a message with a gif of what is happening? I will work on it ASAP, just need an example if possible. Thank you!
  9. So sorry about these errors. I need to test things on the repo before I say they are fixed! It is working for me now.
  10. It looks like it didn't actually apply your selected travel option when thieving stone chests. It should now. Let me know if it continues to be a problem. I would like to add POH teleports as an option, but I will have to look into it. It will require quite a bit of work if I'm not mistaken.
  11. Can you send me a copy of your json profile? It should be located in your .tribot/ezcluesolver/profile folder. Can you re-iterate the bottom part? Are you asking to add use of the PoH jewelry box?
  12. Sad to see you go Fluffee, you were invaluable to the TRiBot team over the past year+, and the community is sooo much better off because of you. I'm sure you will continue to do well with whatever your next endeavor is, but always remember that you have friends here!
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