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  1. Thanks for letting me know! From the looks of it, the clue in eastern Falador should be supported already - are you sure that this is the one that is ending the script and saying it is a new clue? Can you take a screenshot of the clue while it is open for me, as that may give me some indication to why? The clue matches the current data from OpenOSRS, which usually is up to date for clues. For the Falador barber clue - that area was accidentally broken when I updated Falador collision to account for the Xmas event. I will update Falador collision again since the Xmas event is over, and
  2. So sorry about the delay, it should be fixed as of yesterday. Feel free to message me on discord if you have further issues.
  3. I hope to have all of those issues fixed today. I believe I've fixed the issue with it ending early when trying to read clues, but I am currently testing. Looking into the other issues plus a few that were sent via discord.
  4. I will look into these issues ASAP and let you know. I had worked on the first issue recently and thought it was resolved.
  5. The script has been working normally, if you are experiencing difficulties can you please reach out to me with details on what is happening?
  6. Which shortcut are you referring to? Do you mean the chain up to Aberrant spectres? Are you wearing a slayer helmet or nosepeg, and if so can you send me a link to the wikipage for that specific one? Also, do you meet the agility requirement?
  7. If someone sends me the data for it, sure. You can generate collision data using the CollisionFileMaker for each area block that is used for LMS. It will generate a file in your .tribot folder for each new area generated with a naming scheme associated with the base tile of that block.
  8. The path generator will only return a valid path if there is a rope placed at the cave entrance, you are correct! I hadn't fixed the gate issue, however I took another look at it and simply just blocked off the path and forced it to assume that the gate is always "open", so that it instead generates a path to the east and north around the tree. In terms of Edmond's house there, the path generator assumes that no doors exist because the path handler handles them. I can technically add weight to the doors there to encourage it to go around, and I will do so in this instance. I don
  9. I believe I've added all of the clues added with the Shayzien update a couple weeks ago, apologies on the delay as I didn't know there were new clues. Please let me know if you encounter any that are not supported so that I can add them. Thanks!
  10. I have updated Zeah collision and paths after today's update. This required re-mapping a significant portion of the continent, and there are likely spots that I missed. Please send me a screenshot wherever you are in-game if the walker is having issues. Thanks! ZMI Altar should be added now.
  11. I believe I had a Special Object defined in this situation but I will take a look at this and see if I can get it working.
  12. All of fossil island is mapped excluding the swamp. There is navigation to the naturally accessible areas of the swamp, but the rest of the swamp should be handled without daxwalker as it is not at really a good use case for daxwalker. (the paths are not static)
  13. Can you let me know which teleport you are referring to? This one? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Arceuus_Library_Teleport
  14. Please provide the full request and the response from your bot debug if you are having issues. I just double checked and I am able to generate a path through that area.
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