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  1. Sad to see you go Fluffee, you were invaluable to the TRiBot team over the past year+, and the community is sooo much better off because of you. I'm sure you will continue to do well with whatever your next endeavor is, but always remember that you have friends here!
  2. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, it should be fixed now.
  3. I have closed my fork, please refer to the official github project for all future updates: https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine
  4. At another glance, it is failing to set up your equipment, not your teleportation/travel items. It's trying to equip: White partyhat Ava's accumulator Amulet of glory(6) Magic shortbow (i) Combat bracelet(6) Ring of dueling(8) Rune arrow I recommend configuring the equipment handler for those slots to use the presets for those jewelry items instead, as you likely have used all Amulet of glory(6) at this time. Example below: https://gyazo.com/8945fcb90e583cd757be3d706dd35cac I will also get an update out that automatically assumes it means any c
  5. So it looks like you are missing one of the items you have on your list. Each one of the travel items on your list is set to "false" for restock (I need to update this to make it more intuitive; if you have restock on then it should default those to "true" instead of false), so basically it is out of an item and then decides to try to restock it. None of the travel items are flagged as "restockable" and so it fails to restock, and exits. I would change those values to true, like in the example below, but keep in mind it is then going to buy 10 of each of those travel items (so it may re
  6. Can you send me a copy of your clue solver profile? You can find it in your .tribot/ezcluesolver/profiles folder
  7. Updates pushed to server: Add Swamp Boaty from Mort Myre Swamp -> Mort'ton and vice versa Add Meiyerditch ground level, not all doors mapped but quite a few are. Add Farming Guild and Mount Karuulm banks
  8. Typically you use a settings/varbits tracker to detect changes in quest state. Here is an example of threads that you can start within a test script that will print out changes as they occur. After starting these threads, if you change things such as your auto-retaliate status or your attack style you should see settings/varbits change. Note that these threads will killed automatically by TRiBot when the script stops. There are free scripts on the repo that would do this, but I'm not sure how accessible they are anymore. I hope we have plans to add monitors to the client, if they aren't t
  9. Updates pushed to server today: Fix collision north of Taverly Add Fishing Guild skill checks Update collision north of Falador Fix Dramen staff equipment check when checking for access to Zanaris Recognize account can use Keldagrim to Grand Exchange if Giant Dwarf is started instead of finished. Add Brimhaven dungeon slayer area Add entirety of Darkmeyer ground floor Fix Mining Guild collision Add new wilderness slayer dungeon Remap Revenant caves
  10. The script "walking into the northern sea" issue has nothing to do with DaxWalker, if an area is not mapped and a request is sent to that area, it will return NO_PATH and should not walk anywhere. The scripter probably has a failsafe to try to use TRiBot's built-in webwalker instead. I can confirm that the area is most likely not mapped though, and I will try to include it in the next release. edit: it has been mapped now and will be available in the next release, pending deployment from dax.
  11. Thanks for the reports - we resolved them via discord. I am planning on updating the cluesolver GUI to be more intuitive/explain the settings properly.
  12. Added entirety of Prifddinas, including: Zalcano The Gauntlet Iorwerth Dungeon Trahaearn Mine and full support for the city's teleport system Please be sure to grab the latest walker engine update, namely the actions "Channel" and "Teleport" for the PathObjectHandler so that it can handle the Prifddinas teleporters. Prifddinas update should hopefully be live within 24 hours. Check the daxwalker functionality between two points on explv.github.io to see if an area is currently mapped. If it is not mapped, it will say "Unmapped region". Be sure to pick t
  13. Nice contribution! Looks good
  14. Can you please provide a bug report so that I can take a look at the dax walker logs? Bug Report Format: Your profile can be found in your .tribot folder, in the folder: .tribot/ezcluesolver/profile/ Profile (pastebin or txt file): Screenshot/gif (including paint): Bot debug (pastebin or txt file): Client debug (pastebin or txt file): Any additional info to provide:
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