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  1. added need a middle man skype will post later how its going
  2. selling crazy pk account, pm my soz i only trust tribot for selling/buying :/
  3. asking more for advice not a adverising , if you know ----------------send my a private message ---------------------
  4. i need one as a vip. and i checked trough the woodcutting all i cud find was yew logs!
  5. ooo sorry didnt know that ooo i didnt know that yet! MB !
  6. this account is made 1-2months ago, it has still 34-35 days membership left so be quick! i havent quited but i hav a few mains more wich i never play on this zerk account.
  7. sorry use to be good , but works terrible now not banking,not clicking on the tree, not doing anyhing until i click on the tree so he starts. and even if he is done with bank hav to do it over again the same ..
  8. terrible script, after 11 min it stops, after re-run the script it get stuck at selecting bow strings, keep clicks in the middle between ball of wool - - - and bow strings fix it please?
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