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  1. It will go to my house even though I chose house teleport and go to a different persons house, i had to remove my altar because it would keep going to my house to use the bones on
  2. Hey xCode the bug is that if i do a different altar it will go to my altar so i had to remove my altar im sure its a easy bug to fix just wanted to let u know
  3. 1. I have not tested it but i assume that its all prayers 2. Its before i start the script in the gui before i press start 3. could u do it over skype share screens? 4. Its really hard to explain its a weird bug so i dont really know what to say
  4. First bug: I was at abberant spectres(doesnt matter what boss) If i pray magic it will not attack the monster and it will not drink the combat potion. So basically the script barely runs, it will basically just drink a prayer potion to keep my prayer up thats pretty much it will do nothing more. Second bug: If i change the radius at all the script will not work either. Basically the monsters will just attack me and it will auto retaliate and just eat food when it needs too. Third bug: The cannon will not work. The script will setup the cannon to the tile you put it will automically load
  5. I had the same problem as this guy i have a few bugs that ive noticed. One if it prays magic it will not attack the monster it just waits for the monster to attack them. Secondly ive noticed that if i change the radius it will also just wait for the monsters to attack me. Thirdly, the cannon does not work it will put the cannon on the ground and the cannon balls automatically load in but it will not fire the cannon. Lastly, the looting system does not work everytime, it only works on some monsters not all. the bug is that the screen will keep rotating and and it clicks random places trying to
  6. I had to fix a bug with one of the scripts and deleted my .tribot folder and lost all my old premium scripts that ive owned. I heard trilez is going to fix this issue but does anyone know when? because I could really use these scripts that I had.
  7. Just did that and didnt do anything, thanks for the help though
  8. After using Assumes ComatAio script for a long time after i bought the premium lifetime version, today it just vanished. Also the newbotter fishing script is gone aswell. Im sure there is some proof somewhere that a staff member can see that I've been using it for probably for a year and today its not in the repo anywhere. I would appreciate it if someone could help me. Thanks!
  9. I think you mean mod weath not reach but anyways congrats
  10. confirmed
  11. Why after everytime i log out when i bought for an hour i get instabanned, I am on private paid VPN so it doesnt really make sense? Also what is looking glass and how do i use it?
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