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  1. Selling 39m - 1,35 USD Each (skrill)
  2. i think he will fix it as soon asap. Also the bot sometimes get stuck while "eating" i am happy that i used ring of life, else i've been dead like 3-4 times just today. I think theres a little bug that have to be fixed.
  3. @Mute I was wondering if you are going to add safespots for rangers? /Edit Theres a error while fighting. Sometimes it forgot to eat, and then just stucks at lumbridge after "dead/ring of life"
  4. Yea i found out. Just do the things he told us to do in "1st" post under freezing / wont start part. Then it worked very well!
  5. Hello I been dealing with some mac problems the last few days, tryed the normal things like reinstall java, and reinstall client. But everytime i try to load any kind of script it just crash the client, so it no longer is working. So my question is : Is it because i didnt make a "path" so it can load java correct, or im just a fucking retard to this? Reguards Dolleris
  6. Hello ppls. Stats : 80 hp 91 ranged 44 prayer 1 def Come with your prices.
  7. Low amount of hours. But yea just wanted to post a pic. over 5k sapphires gems in bank lawl
  8. redowload script. And try again, if still doenst work, delete the script map, and redownload the bot client.
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