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  1. back from a long time off, what are arguments?
  2. i personally add any of my mules to my friends lists , same with people i notice i trade alot
  3. More specifcally i cannot put in the topic of the trade section it just keeps saying i need it Druid and i are trying to get it worked out. @Druid
  4. it says i need to run in 34 bit? i cant seem to find that option. but i didnt really change anything in the first place one day it just stopped working
  5. how do i use one item on another? also how do i get it to loop? @Assume
  6. whens that release coming , i use this script all the time but you can only really do basic things i would love to see a wait function added so you can have it wait in between clicks/actions. being able to withdrawl all would be great too
  7. nice bot only problem is its a lil miffy on banking .
  8. tested the trial, i wont be buying, fails a alot. i have very fast internet mind you this needs some major tweaks its not really buggy it just fails alot. should be noted fails mostly when walking for me.
  9. sorry i dont know much about quests , what stat requirements if any should i have to do the quests or keep me from dying over and over?
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