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  1. This is a free script. I think you may be refering to the paid one in the premium section. Also there is currently a bug. Hopefully TriBot will have this resolved soon.
  2. You pm'd me about the bot dieing to combat randoms. I have no control over this. That is entirely TriBots responsibility.
  3. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chaos_druid I don't think they drop dragon spear's. And even if they did since chaos druids are such low levels they would be like 1/1m drop rate.
  4. 219, //Grimy torstol217, //Grimy dwarf weed213, //Grimy kwuarm209, //Grimy irit211, //Grimy avantoe3049, //Grimy toadflax3051, //Grimy snapdragon563, //Law rune561, //Nature rune9142, //Mithril bolts1452, //Chaos Talisman985, //tooth half of a key987, //loop half of a key1619, //uncut ruby1617, //uncut diamondUpdated the looting list and looting method. This has been added in the Beta 1.2 release I just uploaded. Please update to this version!
  5. Burying bones would greatly decrease xp/h and looting feathers really isn't worth it. This is a simple script to start off your account and then move on to bigger things so I don't plan on adding either of those in. Simple is better
  6. Update will be coming soon. I have not been home the last couple days. I planned to do some coding on my laptop but haven't had the time yet. I will be home later tonight. Expect an update soon.
  7. Yes this is what I suspected when people told me about the looting problem. I will update this soon. But don't worry you wont miss any of the high value herbs. Even if it doesn't loot one because of a double drop it will go back and loot it within 30 seconds, so the only downside at the moment is sometimes you will get lower value herbs. I am about to go on a little road trip to go visit family for a couple days. I will update the script when I get there, so within 24 hours this update should be out. I will also be changing where I host my images.
  8. Its having issues because puu.sh is down which is where I host my images :/
  9. It loots snaps and toads. and I haven't had any issues with bans and I have been using this for weeks. I guess a j mod just walked by and you got unlucky.
  10. Hey guys Dgaf here, I am here to bring you my second script here at TriBot: Chickens Pro So what does this script do? Chickens Pro is a very simple Chicken killer. It will walk to Chickens and kill them. Features: Fast Combat (In general its faster than the other bots) Paint toggle on/off Anti ban Simple (No Gui, this is Chickens you dont need one) Failsafes (It will check to see if the Chicken its about to attack is within the fenced area before clicking it to avoid getting stuck outside) If it does get stuck out side it will open the fence and let itself back in To Do:
  11. Sweet, you should post a progy Click debug --> inventory and tell me the id's of the rubish herbs. I will remove them in the next update.
  12. I have edited it to only pickup the good herbs. It will be in the next release. This is the current loot list: 207, //Grimy Ranarr 219, //Grimy torstol 217, //Grimy dwarf weed 213, //Grimy kwuarm 209, //Grimy irit 211, //Grimy avantoe 3049, //Grimy toadflax 3051, //Grimy snapdragon Is this okay with everyone? If so I will upload this version in a second.
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