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  1. Yeah, but decided against it in the past since there was another script with that feature. Not sure what the situation is with that script right now so will have to look into it again.
  2. Please tell me your full settings if you are still encountering an issue. I will send you a PM asking for your settings and some more information. I'd also recommend removing the picture or removing your account name form the picture. EDIT: Updated a possible fix for the issue but if that still doesn't fix it, please reply to my PM with the information I asked for.
  3. Should be fixed in the latest update to the script. If you encounter the issue again or an issue like it, I might need at least a screenshot of the full situation, showing where your character is and the full situation in game. Your full script settings might also be useful to know.
  4. Yes, it's most likely broken because Jagex made some updates to Fishing Trawler some time ago I think. Haven't had a chance to update it yet. Will take a look when I can. EDIT: Should be fixed now.
  5. In that case I will need to probably get the lamp on my own account to test it or add my own custom solver instead of Tribot's. This will take an unknown amount of time unless you are willing to lend me an account that has the xp lamp in inventory.
  6. You also need to select the correct account before you start the script. I assume you have done this too? Otherwise tribot will just use autorelog.
  7. Tribot's random solver has always taken care of it. It could be that either Tribot's random solver is broken or something on your end is preventing it from using the xp lamp. Do you have an account selected in Tribot's account manager?
  8. AFK mode not working with recorded data should be fixed in the latest version of the script. lmk if it's not fixed for you or you encounter some other issue
  9. It's up to you what settings you want to use. No one knows what effect any setting has. I do agree that camera movement is not always needed if you have zoomed out enough. Checking XP is done by Tribot's ABC2. Some accounts might do it less often than others based on the profile TRibot generates for you. Will have to check AFK mode. It's possible it doesn't work properly with recorded data yet.
  10. You are not giving much information about your settings and setup. Some ways to achieve that is to zoom out in runescape, enabling resizable mode and making the rs window bigger. If you want more control over how the script works, you should use v3 (either without recording or even more control with recording). If you are already using v3, please do provide your full settings (copypaste your settings from the aAgility3_settings.ini file).
  11. Go to your .tribot folder at "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\.tribot" and in the aMiner Profiles folder you can find the profiles.ini file. If you open it in notepad for example, you can remove the profiles you want to remove. One way to get there is also to go to File --> View local scripts folder in your tribot client. Then go a few folders back from there to the .tribot folder.
  12. The script doesn't use the "custom" selection at all, it is just the default option. The custom/preset selection only changes the values below it which the script uses. Those are saved and used the next time the script is started.
  13. I can try to add it blindly but won't be able to test it properly without an account. Will need some information from you though. Will send you a PM asking for some information about the location itself.
  14. Added a failsafe in the latest version of the script. Restart script without using the rerun button to update it. Tribot's getClickContinue method doesn't detect that interface which caused the issue. Added my custom failsafe to the worldhopping method.
  15. I assume you were using v3. If that's the case, it should be fixed in the latest version of the script. Restart script without using the rerun button to update it. If you were not using v3, please do share your boosting settings.
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