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  1. Are you using v2 or v3? I can look into adding banking teleports to v3 in Rellekka (v2 won't get updates like that). Do you mean Castle Wars when you say CA?
  2. If you are talking about the contribution bar that is intentional because I originally made it to get the angler's outfit which doesn't require 100% activity. Can look into adding option for 100% at some point.
  3. I don't have an account to add it. I also would like to have my own account with access to priff that I can use to test it whenever issues come up so unlikely to happen.
  4. Updated inventory opening check for motherlode mine in v3 so it should work better. Also, added the same option from v2 so if you want it to always open inventory as soon as possible instead of there being a bit of randomization when it opens it up again, you can enable the "Change back to inventory tab immediately (disables randomization)" under Antiban -> ABC settings
  5. What version of the script are you using? v2 or v3? Information about where you are using the script is useful too. v2 has an option to "Always immediately change back to inventory if on another tab" under Antiban --> ABC2 settings. This could help with the issue depending on your other settings.
  6. Tested it and it seems to be working without any issues. Replied to your PM with some things you can try to fix your tribot client. You can always find these steps under "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post.
  7. Fishing Trawler should be fixed in the latest update. Restart script without using the rerun button to update it. Thanks for reporting the issue! If you still encounter an issue in the latest version, please describe your issue as much as possible.
  8. Tested your settings from the bug report you sent and seems like it was caused by you using the 1 deposit mode. Unfortunately a failsafe made for multiple deposit modes was triggering and causing the issue. The bug with 1 deposit mode should be fixed in the latest version of the script. Restart script without using the rerun button to update it.
  9. I have no current plans to add it or make a script for it. If I were to ever add it or make a script for it, I would want to have my own account that has access to it so it's unlikely to happen unless I get my own test account to that point.
  10. No clue. If it requires recharging, the script will not recharge it or detect if it's out of charges.
  11. Seems like DaxWalker needed an update. Should be fixed now in the latest version of the script. Restart script without using the rerun button and it should update.
  12. Script seems to be working without any issues in motherlone mine. Issue is most likely on your end (most likely your tribot client isn't working correctly). Whenever you report an issue, please send a bug report while the script is running and the issue is happening. Go to Tools -> Generate Bug Report -> Send to Scripter while the issue is happening. After sending me a bug report, please send me a message describing the issue. If you are using LG, please tell me what LG client you are using. Before sending a bug report you should try clicking on Open Bulk Launcher before logging in to
  13. Whatever script you are using you should watch it run for a while before leaving it alone (especially after osrs has updated for example because any script or tribot itself could break after updates). I can't predict every possible situation where user might make a mistake. I add failsafes for situations like these when they come up. Be more careful next time.
  14. I tested your exact settings with LG and was unable to recreate the issue (I received your settings via automatic bug report). This could mean that the issue is caused by something on your end. Because you were using LG, you might want to try disabling all plugins from whatever runescape client you are using. These can sometimes cause issues. Will need more information from you so will send you a PM asking some questions. Please reply to that whenever you can. EDIT: It also seems like you were using the Tribot BETA client (from your debug: [13:31:27] TRiBot BETA-0.0.229 loaded.). I
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