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  1. That error is happening because you started the script in Agility Pyramid with recorded data enabled. Added a fix for that in the latest version so that it will ignore the setting completely.
  2. That seems to be a bug that happened when I added Agility Pyramid support to v3. Should be fixed in the latest version.
  3. Seems like you were experiencing a bug in v3 related to recorded data. I have updated a fix for that bug in the latest version. That being said, instances are handled by Tribot. If you are unable to start the script because of this message, you need to wait until Tribot's instance manager ends the old instance (should take maximum 15 minutes or something) or you might be able to stop the instance in the instance manager in repository. If the script stops because of this message, you need to make sure your connection is not interrupted while botting. Instances are handled by Trib
  4. This seers teleport issue should be fixed in the latest update. Thank you for providing the client debug. If you encounter the same issue or some other issue again, please provide full debugs again. This issue can also happen if you have recorded seers teleport usage in the past, it can cause this issue if you try to use that same recorded data without using the seers teleport. This should be fixed too.
  5. It should travel to Ardougne bank which is fixed in the latest version. If you want to start the script in Falador, you probably need to increase the gp amount. Altho, I would recommend starting the script either at Ardougne bank or Brimhaven.
  6. The script shouldn't travel to Falador. 1) You can choose how much gp it takes from bank before returning to Brimhaven in GUI. Where was your character when it didn't take enough gp? What did it do after it didn't get enough gp? How much gp did you have in inventory and how much was needed? Need much more information for this issue. Settings, info about where character is, full client debug, full bot debug. 2) Banking issue when traveling from Brimhaven to bank should be fixed in the latest update. The first issue might be related to this issue but impossible to know because you didn
  7. Should be updated with a fix in the latest version. If you encounter the issue again or a similar issue, please provide full client debug.
  8. Toggling run should be fixed in the latest update. It already supports Nardah banking. If you don't choose the option to use sophanem bank then it will automatically use nardah bank. I updated the GUI to tell you that now. Recording is not and will not be supported in the Agility Pyramid.
  9. Added experimental Agility Pyramid support in v3. It's still in testing and awaiting feedback on how people want it to work and what kind of settings are requested. If you encounter an issue with it, please include your settings and debugs after you encounter the issue. You can find settings for Agility Pyramid under customization settings.
  10. You can request for a refund by creating a ticket on discord: I think I can also request one for you if you tell me your order id but if you want to make sure you get a refund and want to be able to track the progress of it, you should make a discord ticket yourself. Right now scripters can't directly refund purchases themselves so we have to request it from the admins if you tell us the order id.
  11. Yeah, but decided against it in the past since there was another script with that feature. Not sure what the situation is with that script right now so will have to look into it again.
  12. Please tell me your full settings if you are still encountering an issue. I will send you a PM asking for your settings and some more information. I'd also recommend removing the picture or removing your account name form the picture. EDIT: Updated a possible fix for the issue but if that still doesn't fix it, please reply to my PM with the information I asked for.
  13. Should be fixed in the latest update to the script. If you encounter the issue again or an issue like it, I might need at least a screenshot of the full situation, showing where your character is and the full situation in game. Your full script settings might also be useful to know.
  14. Yes, it's most likely broken because Jagex made some updates to Fishing Trawler some time ago I think. Haven't had a chance to update it yet. Will take a look when I can. EDIT: Should be fixed now.
  15. In that case I will need to probably get the lamp on my own account to test it or add my own custom solver instead of Tribot's. This will take an unknown amount of time unless you are willing to lend me an account that has the xp lamp in inventory.
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